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Stop Dreaming

By Angela Dehart
Ambassador and Alumna at American Public University

Starting in kindergarten we begin asking kids what they want to be when they grow up. Notice I said “be” not “do,” inferring that the job defines identity. We give higher praise to the kids who say doctor, lawyer, or president.

Are we doing our kids an injustice? The sentiment to pursue your dreams comes from a good place. We want to encourage our young people to be highly productive, highly successful, and, let’s admit, wealthy.

What's Wrong With the Media's Portrayal Of Women Today, and How to Reverse It

By Kathy Caprino

Spend a day watching YouTube videos, TV shows, and the “news” and you’ll be as stunned as I am at dichotomy between what we are saying is possible for women today (that they can ascend to leadership, launch their own successful businesses, and sit at the board table equally with men, rather than being relegated to only 16% of corporate leadership), vs. how women are actually being depicted in the media. From my view, popular media focuses much more heavily on a whole host of negative or limiting aspects of women, including an intense scrutiny of and emphasis on their looks (think about the obsession we have with Hillary Clinton’s hair), and a keen focus on how they’re struggling so hard to balance life and work, how catty and demeaning they can be to each other, or how they’ll throw each other under the bus in order to rise to the top.