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How to Get Yourself Positioned for Career Success

By Latanya Hughes
Faculty Member, School of Business at American Public University

There comes an inevitable moment in everyone’s life when they decide what career they want to pursue. For some people, the decision takes longer than others. What happens when you have not reached that point? How do you position yourself to succeed when you do not know where you want to succeed? Here are three tips on positioning yourself for success.

Keeping It Real with Your Career

By Brent Webber
Faculty member, School of Business at American Public University

Careers are very similar to life and personal growth: things change all the time. Career changes can often cause psychological and physical turmoil. However, when it comes to your career, do not be afraid of change and make sure that you are true to yourself.

Invest in Yourself and Rise to the Top

By Robert Gordon
Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management at American Public University

Daily progress is more important than a week of flurried activity when it comes to developing personal skills. True growth is the slow and plodding progress toward success. Successful people are those who dedicate themselves to a cause and painstakingly move toward a higher goal.

Many people look for easy, quick success and give up before achieving lasting results. Those who are in the continual pursuit of the quick and easy road to success will find themselves repeatedly disappointed. Studies have shown that high expectations for academic achievements, career goals or athletic purposes can help people achieve more without causing burnout.