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6 Career Tips You Should Put in the Shredder

By Molly Cain, Forbes.com Special to Online Career Tips If you’re one of those careful people in the workplace, you’ve probably missed out on some cool opportunities. Sometimes it helps to do the opposite of what you would typically do. Scared of public speaking? Volunteer to give the presentation for that project you’re working on. Feel intimidated by an executive? Ask them to lunch.

Four Things My Hobby Taught Me About Finding Work

By Victoria Scanlan Stefanakos, Forbes.com Special to Online Career Tips Beekeeping is one of my favorite homesteading hobbies. Honeybees pollinate our garden and offer a glimpse into a magical community that works. And then there’s the honey. Guidance from an experienced teacher helped me realize that the process of rebuilding my beehive was a lot like assembling a buzzing portfolio of clients. With a little planning, I can even have them come right to me.