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How to Transition Your Professional Biography to a Resume

By Willie Davis
Faculty Member, School of Business at American Public University

How does your resume look? Or more importantly, what will be your new employer’s first impression of you when he or she reads your resume? Will they scratch their heads when attempting to translate your military jargon to their world?  While the questions may be rhetorical, the answer is the difference between a resume that is saved for future consideration or one that results in an interview. 

Practical Approach to Networking for Career Advancement

Webcast with Shun McGhee Career Coach, American Public University System Not sure how to package yourself to employers? Even if you've been working for many years your style and approach to networking within your field may be out of date. In this special webcast you'll hear great guidance from Shun McGhee on how to properly present yourself to employers at career fairs.