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Give Yourself a Pep Talk

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Editor

It is easy to begin to lose confidence in yourself during a job search. Unanswered applications, dead-end leads, and unreturned calls can all lead you to question whether you really have the right skills. If you are questioning your qualifications, it is hard to write a convincing cover letter or perform well in an interview. Such doubt can undermine the energy and confidence you need to find your next job, so it may be time to give yourself a pep talk so you can be your own best advocate.

How To Find Your Dream Job

So the economy’s still in rough shape—so what! That doesn’t mean you should stop going after what you want. Having a mission—one you feel in your core—gives you that extra gear of motivation and resolve when the road gets steep, whether you’re a new college grad saddled with debt or a seasoned worker looking (or forced) to switch careers as industries change at awesome, wrenching speed.