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Yes, WE Are an EFFECTIVE Team!

By Dr. Marie Gould Harper
Program Director, Management at American Public University

As more organizations recognize the value of team performance to the bottom line, it is important that we assess what makes a team effective. Leaders at organizations such as Zappos are convinced that flat organizations can be functional and productive if you motivate and coach your employees to work with one another for the common cause.

Content Curation: One Avenue to Enhance Community Engagement

By Brian Muys
Online Career Tips Contributor

Content curation is all the rage among today’s communications and marketing professionals. However, while the nomenclature may be relatively new, the concept itself has been an integral component of integrated communications campaigns for some time. In fact, it represents the core mandate of any savvy practitioner: identify the impactful messages (read, stories) that best resonate with your core audience(s), and package and deliver them in the most engaging fashion possible.

Tips for Communicating on the Go

By Jill Kurtz
Online Career Tips Contributor

We’re on the go and our devices are letting us communicate as we move. Smartphones and tablets let us communicate anytime, anywhere. If you are opening and sending emails on smartphones and tablets, especially for business communication, it is important to adopt good mobile email manners.