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Accidental Networking and Other Rewards of Customer Service

By Michael Sale
Law Enforcement Education Coordinator (Canada) at American Military University

Late one busy morning, when I was the director of corporate communications for the Metropolitan Toronto Police, I encountered a young woman, standing in the reception area of the police station, looking around for someone to serve her. I looked around too, and discovered that all my colleagues were engaged; most were on the telephone answering calls and others were caught up in activities related to inquiries from reporters who had come to the office for information.

Using your MBA to Prepare for the World of Work

By Valerie Vann, DBA
Faculty Member, School of Business at American Public University

Are you about to complete your Master of Business Administration (MBA) journey? Now it is time to plan your next steps.

There are many career choices, MBA graduates are numerous, and the job market is competitive. You need to plan and prepare for your career. Consider creating a personal brand that may help you land an interview and begin your desired career.

Networking Intelligently in the Era of Social Media

By Adrienne Erin Online Career Tips, Special Contributor In the rapidly-developing age of social media, people have been harnessing the power of their social networks for more than just keeping in touch with old friends. More and more, these tools are being used in a professional sense. If you do this right, you might be able to land your dream job or build up a network of worthy professionals with whom you can exchange leads, share knowledge, and build up partnerships.