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How To Create an Authentic and Transparent Work Environment

By Jacquelyn Smith, Forbes.com Special to Online Career Tips Do you constantly feel like you’re out of the loop at work? Maybe it’s because your boss is dishonest with you, or your co-workers keep secrets from one another. Perhaps there’s a lack of trust or respect among your colleagues–or there’s no regular communication between management and employees. If any of this sounds like your workplace, it might be time to look for a new job in a more authentic and transparent environment.

What Skills Do You Need to Succeed in Marketing?

By Mark Schaefer, BusinessesGrow.com Special to Online Career Tips Marketing as a career discipline has evolved differently than other areas of business. If you are a finance professional or you work in accounting or economics, the fundamentals of your career success are not sliding under your feet. But if you are trying to establish a career in marketing, not only are the tools of your trade changing, the rules of engagement are changing every day.