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Career Planning: Would You Set Limits If There Was No Risk of Failure?

By Angela Matthews
Core Learning Instructor, American Public University

Many of us endure jobs we dislike. If you have one of those jobs, you know exactly how much you dread going to work each day. You dream of quitting and wish you could do something else. It’s a horrible feeling of dissatisfaction that seeps into the rest of your life. A job is not the right fit for everyone. Picking the right career path makes the difference between feeling happy or miserable at the end of the day. We need to devote time and energy to thinking about the type of job that is the right fit for us.


Creative Teaching Lesson: Counting Froot Loops™ in Your Online Class

Why would you want your online students to count the number of items of cereal in a small container, a cup, of Froot Loops™? I get asked that question when I suggest that you have your students go to the grocery store and purhase a 1.5 oz container or Froot Loops™. The cost is about $1.25, or if the student has childen you can usually get four for $5.00. This exercise is good for courses in logistics, supply chain management, retail management, hospitality, packaging, marketing, manufacturing and materials management.

The Artistry of the Hand-Written Word

By William Oliver Hedgepeth, Sr.
Program Director, Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University

I recently wrote nine thank you cards, by hand, with ink, on blank paper cards. I did this after wrapping up a session with members of an advisory council where industry professionals shared their advice for the next steps in improving my academic programs and courses. Next time you have an encounter with someone from work, pen a thank you note. Here's why.

Keeping Tech Fresh in the K-12 Classroom

By Dr. William M. Gillum
Associate Professor in the School of Education, American Public University

The evolution of technology in the classroom is a difficult subject on which to stay abreast for even the savviest technology users. New resources are constantly being developed, and the latest technology platforms are being replaced as quickly as they are released. As a result, education leaders should regularly review what is being used and how it is shaping our classrooms today.

Is it Time for a Fair Tax?

By Dr. William Whitley
Faculty Member, Accounting and Finance at American Public University

News stories point out all kinds of problems with the IRS and our tax law and how it is enforced. Corporate America is relocating headquarters to offshore addresses while individuals are either not reporting all of their income or not paying the taxes they owe. The tax system we have is very cumbersome, hard to manage, and it is avoided or evaded by many taxpayers.

Healthiest Nation 2030: Healthy Communities

By Dr. Robert Carter
Professor, Public Health Program at American Public University

The theme for National Public Health Week this year is “Healthiest Nation 2030”.  This week is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the contributions of public health, discuss issues that are vital to improving communities and become the healthiest nation in one generation.