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Should a College Degree Be on Your Bucket List?

By Dr. Jill Fuson
Faculty Director, School of Business at American Public University

According to recent studies, a college degree is:

  • A Good Investment – Statistics show 75% of future position are expected to require certification, licensure, or a bachelor’s degree.
  • A Necessity - Many adults find a college degree is a necessity to enter their career choice or advancement in their professional field.
  • Essential - Many adults are experiencing advancing technologies, employment conditions and changing economics making it essential to update or develop their knowledge and skills to remain competitive.

30 is the New 30

By Shun McGhee
Contributor, Career Services

Can you imagine what it would look like, if 30 year-old students made decisions like they did when they were 20? What if a large number of 30 year olds filled the cafeteria dying to know who was going to this weekend’s pajama jammy jam (that’s a co-ed pajama party)? While I could make an infinite list of things 30 year-old college students should not be doing, I will instead set my sights on the things they should be doing.