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The Evolution of Money Laundering and its Effect on Modern Financial Markets

By Juan E. Román, DBA, CPA, CGMA
Program Director, Accounting and Finance at American Public University

The negative impact of money laundering on the global financial system has caused market participants to recognize and implement strict measures to deal with these illegal activities. However, the modern financial system fosters an environment in which money laundering has become increasingly elusive.

Is it Time for a Fair Tax?

By Dr. William Whitley
Faculty Member, Accounting and Finance at American Public University

News stories point out all kinds of problems with the IRS and our tax law and how it is enforced. Corporate America is relocating headquarters to offshore addresses while individuals are either not reporting all of their income or not paying the taxes they owe. The tax system we have is very cumbersome, hard to manage, and it is avoided or evaded by many taxpayers.

So You Got Your CPA, What’s Next?

Have you considered all of the options that a CPA certification provides? While auditing and private practice immediately come to mind (more on those in a minute), as a CPA you can work in the IT field, provide forensic services, become an FBI agent, or conduct risk management assessments.