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Ugly Produce and the Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

The ugly produce trend started in 2014 with a European company called Intermarché. The company sold ugly fruit, vegetables and cookies.

Food and Beverage Reverse Logistics Can Help the Needy

If we solve hunger problems with food and beverage reverse logistics, that will result in an improved environment, fewer recalls, and more recycling.

Plastic Straws and Stirrers Vanishing from Public Use

There is a growing movement against throwaway plastic straws. DC and other jurisdictions are banning plastic straws and also stirrers.

Barcodes: The Handy Road Signs of Global Supply Chains

The adoption of barcodes for almost everything we purchase was a slow process. Today, the barcode is an integral part of our society.

Airships Are Going to Redefine the Logistics Industry

The world of hybrid airships will be a key part of air transport. That may be in five to 10 years, given the research by private industry and government.

The Business Value of Litter and Recyclable Materials

The U.S. faces a huge problem trying to sell our recycled litter to China. However, it has created new business opportunities in reverse logistics.

Supply Chains: More Than Just Boxes and Transportation

Supply chains are not easy to define. But it’s important for everyone in business and the military to understand what constitutes a supply chain.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Growing in Our Society

Artificial intelligence should bring value to society. Does it? Yes and no. But the “no” answer needs to be constantly tested and explored further.