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Holiday Supply Chains Deal with Deliveries and Returns

The 2019 Christmas rush put added pressure on supply chains from manufacturers, transporters, retailers, and other organizations and people.

Recycling Is Not the Same Process as Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics has become an evolving term. Today, it also refers to one of the many stores that now accept returns for other retailers.

How to Break into the World of Freelance Journalism

Is it possible for non-professional writers to break into freelance journalism? Yes, indeed – if you play by the established rules.

Can Humans Compete with Machines in the Retail World?

Combining machines and workers to complete tasks once performed solely by humans has always been a difficult dilemma for employers and unions.

Is There a Viable Future for America's Truck Drivers?

Changes in the trucking industry will increase. The problem is not about truck drivers being replaced by technology, but how long this transition will take.

Starting Your Own Business: Valuable Lessons Learned

Starting a business can be done; it is done every day. Each business owner gathers a special set of valuable lessons learned.

Maintaining the Safe Transportation of Container Cargo

The kind of shipping container that is used makes a difference in whether or not an explosion or fire can break out onboard.

Today's Food and Beverage Laws and Reverse Logistics

There are safety and distribution laws that govern the food and beverage industry. These laws typically come from a variety of organizations.

Ugly Produce and the Reverse Logistics Supply Chain

The ugly produce trend started in 2014 with a European company called Intermarché. The company sold ugly fruit, vegetables and cookies.