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Are Unions a Declining Institution in American Labor?

The unions of the future will not look like or sound like or read like those of the past as the meaning of employment is changing.

Is Plastic Bottle Recycling Heading for America's Trash Bin?

The future of plastic bottles and the recycling effort is a continuing battle to realize the dream of a circular plastics economy.

Coronavirus Affects Logistics and Supply Chains Worldwide

Cargo into the U.S. from Asia – and now from parts of Europe – is being delayed by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

How Millennials Are Altering the Customer Experience

Millennials gravitate toward smartphones and AI for instant gratification from customer service providers. We seem to be at a tipping point.

US Railroad Workers Are Affected by Industry's New Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI), human-computer interfaces and robots are affecting the railroad industry by replacing some workers.

Holiday Supply Chains Deal with Deliveries and Returns

The 2019 Christmas rush put added pressure on supply chains from manufacturers, transporters, retailers, and other organizations and people.

Recycling Is Not the Same Process as Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics has become an evolving term. Today, it also refers to one of the many stores that now accept returns for other retailers.

How to Break into the World of Freelance Journalism

Is it possible for non-professional writers to break into freelance journalism? Yes, indeed – if you play by the established rules.

Can Humans Compete with Machines in the Retail World?

Combining machines and workers to complete tasks once performed solely by humans has always been a difficult dilemma for employers and unions.