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Why Now Is a Good Time for Teachers to Get Doctoral Degrees

Coaching others through their own doctoral degrees requires putting yourself back into the time management and stress that came with this degree.

Will Robots and AI Eventually Become Common in Education?

When you examine how AI and robots have entered many aspects of daily life, the next logical place where AI can be used is in education.

Bridge My Return Aids Servicemembers and Veterans Hunting for Civilian Jobs

Bridge My Return provides extra help for military servicemembers and veterans, connecting them with career opportunities from civilian employers.

Pave Your Career Path: Career Advice from a Former Recruiter, Episode 9

Unsure of how to develop and navigate relationships with recruiters? Former staff recruiter Kimberly Smith chats about how to maneuver these communications.

Businesses Need Active Promoters to Attract and Keep Their Customers

Every business wants to grow. The question is: Are these businesses willing to do the hard work involved to change customers into promoters?

Retailers Must Find More Imaginative Ways to Grow Customer Service

There are many ways brick-and-mortar retailers can compete with other buying options. The key is to look for new ways to promote good customer service.

Start with Diligence and Cyber Awareness to Improve Workplace Cybersecurity

Avoiding pitfalls is easier for people educated on workplace cybersecurity. Those who are trained to know cyber threats are more valuable employees.

Would a Four-Day Workweek Be Practical in the United States?

While the idea of a four-day workweek has worked for some organizations, it is a decision for each individual American company to make.

Loyalty Programs: Are They Worth the Effort for Airline Customers?

When evaluating loyalty programs, it is important to look at the big picture because simple airline loyalty will not pay off.