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Virtual Reality Training Meets the Office Environment

The possibilities of virtual reality training are virtually endless. But now it has entered a new environment: the corporate office.

Storytelling: The New Elevator Pitch for Businesses

To win customers today, you must distinguish your company from others. One way to get people’s attention is through memorable business storytelling.

Working in Aerospace: What Expertise Do You Need?

The aerospace industry employs a wide number of people. If you find aspects of an aerospace career appealing, investigate seeking a job in this field.

What to Do When Your Job Search Lasts for a Long Time

A job search can sometimes last for months. But if you're having trouble landing a job, it may be time to reassess what you’re doing.

Digital Forensics Jobs: Combining Investigation and Computers

Digital forensics, also known as computer forensics, is a unique branch of IT. At least six different skills are needed to pursue a career in this field.

Why Good Communication Skills Are So Important to Employers

Communication skills can be useful at work, in job interviews and in business relationships. They are well worth the time you need to perfect them.

The Psychological Benefits of Office Holiday Parties

Celebrations such as holiday parties are the perfect time to demonstrate company culture. These celebrations have several psychological benefits.

Cybersecurity Opens Up a Wide Variety of Career Possibilities

Within the next decade, millions of jobs will be available to cybersecurity professionals, with perhaps as many as 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2021.

CAE Virtual Career Fair to Be Held on Friday, October 5

For those seeking cybersecurity careers, the CAE Virtual Career Fair will be held from 12 noon to 4 p.m. ET on Friday, October 5.