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Networking Events: Using the Arts to Inspire Great Conversations

When you put yourself out there and go to networking events, part of your conversational repertoire should be about the arts and culture.

Soft Skills: Should We Start Calling Them by Another Name?

We have to use soft skills to assess what is going on in the workplace and decide on the best course of action at any given time.

Augmented Reality and Other Initiatives Are Reinventing the Retail World

How can retailers regain what they have lost while remaining competitive and looking to the future? There is a possibility of a comeback if the right people focus on the right things.

The Advantages of Using Wargaming to Create Business Strategy

Wargaming has been adapted for use as a business tool for strategic planning and decision making. Business executives can use wargaming in many ways.

Pave Your Career Path: Translating Your Social Sciences Degree to a Career in Data & Analytics, Episode 5

On this episode of Pave Your Career Path, Kacie Presley shares her story on how she used her psychology degree to launch a career in data analytics.

A 30-60-90 Plan Provides Advantages during Job Interviews and Onboarding

A 30-60-90 plan is worth the effort. In an interview, this plan helps you stand out from other candidates and be memorable to hiring managers.

Why You Need a Jazz Musician on Your Workplace Team

When you hire for your team, consider someone with a creative background who can add a great deal of problem solving and creativity to your team.

What Does Salary History Have to Do with Job Performance?

To be asked about your previous salary history is the most dreaded interview question. But asking a candidate about salaries may not be a good idea today.

Treating Anxiety in Schoolchildren: A Mindfulness Approach

Preliminary research indicates several benefits of mindfulness, including improved attention, emotional regulation and reduced anxiety.