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Handling ‘Tech Neck’ and Other Remote Work Problems

Computer and mobile device users often suffer from “tech neck,” where the muscles of the neck and upper shoulders become strained from leaning forward.

Seven Ways to Liven Up Working Remotely at Home

There are various ways to make working remotely more pleasant, which in turn can help to reduce your feeling of isolation during this pandemic.

Good Management: How to Become an Inspirational Leader

For most modern-day managers, becoming an inspirational leader won’t happen overnight, but leadership skills can develop over time.

Seven Ways to Help Your Job Hunt during the Coronavirus

Even though it’s become more challenging to job hunt during this time, there are still helpful tasks that you can do to aid your job search.

Holding a Virtual Meeting: A Visual Guide for Companies

With recent governmental requests to work remotely, holding a virtual meeting to discuss projects has become very popular.

Online Teaching: Helping K-12 Educators Make the Switch

Instructors are working to switch from face-to-face instruction to online teaching. For students, learning online requires different tactics.

Job Auditions: What to Do When Interviewers Want Free Work

Job auditions prove to an employer you have the abilities for a job. But if you’re working on a project that consumes a large amount of your time, be wary.

Showing Support for Your Coworkers with Disabilities

Coworkers with disabilities face challenges every day. But when you show support, your fellow employees will feel more valued at your workplace.

Hiring Business Experts: How Do You Evaluate Them?

Sometime in your career, you may hire outside consultants. Before you make that hire, be sure to carefully evaluate those business experts.