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Sexual Harassment: The Unfair Politics of Victimization

During the past year, we received an "in your face" message that some bad habits/beliefs have not died. Why can’t we change how we treat harassment victims?

The Job Search: What to Do when Networking Doesn't Work

Although networking can be useful in finding a new job, it isn’t foolproof. So what can you do to find a new job opportunity? There is a lot you can do.

Setting Goals for Your Life and Career: The Positive and Negative Views

If your focus is on reaching your goals, you may miss out on some of the alternative and more beneficial paths. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.

More of Our Corporate Training Dollars Should Be Spent on Employee Wellbeing

Companies must stop putting money only into training generic soft skills. People need to effectively interact with their teams during change and conflict.

Can You Hold Successful Meetings in 30 Minutes or Less?

Time spent in a meeting should generate a return on investment. But how often do we think that way and set expectations for meetings to produce real gains?

Advice for Creating a Federal Resume for a Government Job

APUS Senior Career and Educational Resource Specialist Marcia Powers offers insight on writing a federal resume.

How to Turn Your Employees into a High-Performing Team

Most managers I know would love to have a high-performing team. Unfortunately, not all managers know how to get their team to that level.

Veterans Day: A Practical Guide to Honoring Vets and Showing Your Appreciation

Today’s veterans are rightly honored nearly nationwide. So how can you show your appreciation for the men and women who have sacrificed on our behalf?

Mass Shooting at a Texas Church Calls for Greater Vigilance in the Workplace

Today, it is more important than ever to really know the people with whom you interact. Violence also occurs in the workplace, not just in churches.