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Advice for Creating a Federal Resume for a Government Job

APUS Senior Career and Educational Resource Specialist Marcia Powers offers insight on writing a federal resume.

How to Turn Your Employees into a High-Performing Team

Most managers I know would love to have a high-performing team. Unfortunately, not all managers know how to get their team to that level.

Veterans Day: A Practical Guide to Honoring Vets and Showing Your Appreciation

Today’s veterans are rightly honored nearly nationwide. So how can you show your appreciation for the men and women who have sacrificed on our behalf?

Mass Shooting at a Texas Church Calls for Greater Vigilance in the Workplace

Today, it is more important than ever to really know the people with whom you interact. Violence also occurs in the workplace, not just in churches.

What Do You Do When Students Have an Inflated View of Their Job Skills?

Employers are concerned about graduates having a range of skills, such as teamwork and communication. Everyone in higher education should be accountable.

The Ethics Behind Discounted Purchases and Other Perks

Businesses realize that many purchases will make them more profits than a single sale. Most companies use perks to foster repeat business.

Intergenerational Conflict: It's No Longer Taboo to Talk about Salaries with Your Co-Workers

Millennials openly talk about their salaries, a practice that tended to be taboo among previous generations and a cause of conflict.

Leadership Ethics versus Ethical Leadership: What Is the Difference?

Some leaders have embraced ethics as an important aspect of their leadership skills. Others still need to embrace proper business ethics.

Perspectives from a Life Coach: Understanding the 'Shifts of Seasons' in Your Life

Life is a journey. Life's events should not be put into categories of right or wrong. You have a choice in determining how your story is written.