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Storytelling Is an Essential Skill for Inspirational Leaders and Companies

There is one leadership skill that is rarely discussed: storytelling. This skill can give you a subtle advantage in your career and life.

Fulfilling Your 2018 Goals: Are You Living by Chance or Choice?

Chance versus choice: which controls your 2018 goals? Stay focused and be prepared for your next designated "leap" into the unknown.

‘Tell Me About Yourself’: Answering This Crucial Interview Question

“Tell me about yourself.” Most applicants have difficulty answering this interview question, because many people do not understand what is being asked.

United Airlines: How Implementing a Bonus Lottery Led to a Public Relations Disaster

The United Airlines situation reveals a lack of communication between senior management and employees. This bonus lottery system will demotivate employees.

Leading Responsibly: The Power of Ethics

Ethics are the foundation of a business’s strategic plan. Maintaining high ethical standards within an organization often leads to a competitive advantage.

Sleep Apnea Adversely Affects Your Job Performance and Health

Sleep apnea is on the rise. However, some people who suffer from sleep apnea symptoms don’t recognize them as a health concern.

Pave Your Career Path: Getting Relevant Job Experience, Episode 3

During this podcast, host Leia O’Connell joins career coach Rowe Leathers to discuss how to start obtaining job experience within your desired industry.

Emotional Intelligence: A Concept Transformational Leaders Should Embrace

When you combine transformational leadership with emotional intelligence, you create a leadership approach that is truly empowering.

Career Goals: Focusing on Present-Day Goals Is Helpful for Long-Range Planning

Driven individuals who work best with specified goals for which to strive may want to incorporate career goals that help them focus on the present.