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Why Everyone Should Participate in Estate Planning

Estate planning makes sure that your intentions are clear and in writing. Take steps to take care of your loved ones once you're gone.

International Business in Dubai Requires Due Diligence

When you’re considering a business opportunity in Dubai, minimize your risk by performing focused due diligence before you make costly business decisions.

Telecommuting: Effective Strategies and Best Practices

Telecommuting allows workers to enjoy a flexible schedule and increased job satisfaction. But it requires discipline, motivation, and independent work skills.

How to Break Out of an Energy Slump and Move Forward

We have all experienced times when we feel like we have nothing to offer. When you hit that energy slump, how can you get moving again?

Tips for Job Hunting in the Digital Age

Job hunting today requires a well-thought-out, multi-channel strategy that drives your visibility and entry to the employers that appeal to you the most.

Forensic Science Careers Start with Case-Based Learning

Case-based learning has proven to engage students and builds student confidence in their ability to pursue forensic science careers.

Five Important Steps to a Successful Startup Business

In order to grow your startup, you need to avoid the “I’m the only one who can do it” attitude. A forthcoming book from Dr. George Taylor III, APU School of Business, describes ways to avoid this mindset.

How to Emphasize the Positive in Your Business Writing

As the song says, you may not always be able to "eliminate the negative," but you can certainly "accentuate the positive" in business writing.

Confidence and Charisma Can Lead to Business and Personal Success

When is it appropriate to “fake it” without being phony or inauthentic? Humility is the balance you need to offset confidence and prevent arrogance.