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Making an Estate Plan Eases the Pain for Your Survivors

How do you start creating a comprehensive estate plan for your loved ones? First of all, take baby steps and don’t get overwhelmed.

Three Questions That Can Improve Your Leadership Skills

Three simple questions can help you immediately refocus, reflect, and reset your leadership approach and improve your leadership skills.

Why Your Diversity Efforts Fail in the Workplace, Part 2

Organizational leaders believe that mere training is enough, and this belief contributes to leadership’s failure to develop diversity.

Why Your Diversity Efforts Fail in the Workplace, Part 1

Inclusion and diversity efforts often do not succeed at business organizations. Here are three reasons why all of your work can fail.

The Pros and Cons behind a Raise in the Minimum Wage

There has been a lot of debate about raising the minimum wage. A large minimum wage increase could end up hurting many people it is designed to help.

Right to Work Laws: They Aren't Right and They Don't Work

It’s time for state legislatures to understand that their support for right to work laws is weakening unions and worsening wage inequality.

How to Initiate an Informational Interview and What Questions to Ask

The best approach for initiating an informational interview is to actively seek out professionals who can provide you with real-life advice.

Five Easy Ways to Turn Small Talk into Successful Networking

For many of us, small talk is both awkward and emotionally painful. Here are five ways to turn small talk into successful networking.

Business Meetings: Tips for More Effective Communication

Business meetings have a reputation for being boring. However, there are many techniques for making your business meetings more efficient and successful.