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Anti-Harassment Rules at Gatherings Foster a Safe Environment

Conferences, trade shows and association meetings are opportunities for networking. However, no industry is exempt from incidents that involve harassment.

The Inevitable Self-Service Unemployment Crisis, Part 3

Self-service technologies have revolutionized the consumer landscape. What are the implications for our economy and future unemployment?

Work Values Play a Key Role in Ensuring Job Satisfaction

Values are part of who we are. Understanding your work values is important because it is the first step to identifying a satisfying career.

The Inevitable Self-Service Unemployment Crisis, Part 2

Businesses are investing in self-service technology to replace people. The list of reasons is for why businesses are trimming their workforce is robust.

Five Things to Consider Before Signing Any Contract

Contracts should be taken very seriously. Before you sign your name to a contract, it is wise practice to take into account five factors.

The Inevitable Self-Service Unemployment Crisis, Part 1

Self-service technologies are rapidly eroding the job markets of working- and middle-class people. What will the status quo look like in another 20 years?

Public Speaking and Techniques to Improve Your Skills

Public speaking is a skill that takes practice, but overcoming the stress of public speaking can occur through preparation.

How to Approach Late Policies in Business and Academia

Why do late policies make it tolerable for line-level employees across industries to be habitually late to work? Why are these the established standards?

The Right Way to Establish a Business Coaching Agreement

Establishing a coaching agreement with your client is one of the most important parts of the relationship. It also creates a foundation for working.