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Podcast: Crisis Leadership — Success in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to adapt operations nearly overnight. In this episode, APU business professor Dr. Linda Ashar talks to Dan Cwalina, the CEO of Lormet Community Federal Credit Union.

Efficient Intermodal Transportation during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the supply chain industry to rethink and reimagine what deliveries look like, as well as use intermodal transportation.

The Value of AI and Robotics in Supply Chain Management

Based on my years of experience, it takes time to understand AI and how it is infused into the supply chain to enhance the customer experience.

Podcast: How Artificial Intelligence Is Used to Diagnose and Treat Cancer

In this episode, Dr. Shriver shares her experience with Dr. Wanda Curlee about how the medical profession uses artificial intelligence to predict cancer risk, detect cancer early, assess the best treatment options and customize treatment.

Job Searching during COVID-19? Try Out P.I.V.O.T.

As COVID-19 affects industries, you might have to search outside of your preferred role or industry. So how exactly do you “pivot” to find opportunities?

Podcast: Building a Successful Business with Grit and Kindness

In this episode, APU business professor Dr. Kandis Boyd Wyatt talks to R. Denise Everson about how she faced her own fears and started two businesses.

National STEM Day and Being Successful in a STEM Career

November 8, 2020 was National STEM Day. While many people are passionate about STEM, they have challenges in turning this passion into a STEM career.

Ethics Are Everything When Businesses Restart the Economy

Two polar-opposite opinions on the same topic are inevitable, but trust, ethics and cooperation are essential in organizations.

Prime Day Is an Excellent Example of Inventory Control

Prime Day is essentially shifting the traditional pre-holiday rush. This change also comes with several inventory control challenges.