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Identifying the Resume You Should Use for Your Next Job

Depending on the type of job you look to obtain, your experience and the company, there is most likely a specific resume you will benefit from using.

A 2019 Outlook on Potential Legal Careers and Legal Studies Degrees

The array of legal careers is wider now than ever before. The career spectrum is still expanding because the legal world needs more than just lawyers.

Being an Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor: The Benefits

For police officers, adjunct teaching provides an alternative income source and a new environment that may reduce burnout from a police career.

Getting a Letter of Recommendation from Online Instructors

A good letter of recommendation will help you reach your goal for a new job or acceptance into a college program. But some work is required on your part.

Affirmative Action Is More Complicated Than It Appears

Affirmative action balances opportunities for historically disenfranchised groups. However, each situation requires careful attention to detail.

Stop Saying These Three Words to Improve Your Career

There are phrases that sabotage your career, as well as peoples’ perception of you as a leader. Fortunately, there are language tweaks you can make.

Undergraduate Degree Options for Aspiring Law Students

If you see law school in your future, but you are struggling with deciding on an undergraduate major, below are some items to consider before committing.

The 10 Characteristics of a Great Workplace Culture

What defines a great workplace culture? The Great Place to Work Institute offers the following 10 suggestions to drive employee engagement.

Why Your Diversity Efforts Fail in the Workplace, Part 4

Performance is another reason why diversity efforts fail. Often, there is a lack of clear linkage and communication to performance.