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Why Effective Soft Skills Matter in All Organizations

Employers want excellent employees with hard skills, but who are also well-versed in soft skills. How can you develop soft skills in the workplace?

Why Companies Need a Risk Analysis and Management Plan

Companies are concerned with multiple risk factors on a daily basis. Why are they blindsided by events beyond their control?

How New Legislative Changes Impact Your Tax Deductions

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been touted as the largest tax cut in modern history. But some changes will result in some taxpayers losing tax deductions.

The Legal Implications of Politics in the Workplace

In this podcast, Dr. Marie Gould Harper interviews two legal experts about how to handle disputes about politics and create a respectful work environment.

Why Cybersecurity Plays a Role in Risk Management

Cybersecurity risk management has a significant effect on an organization as well as the personal and the professional life of individuals.

Business Data Evaluation Needs a Multi-Dimensional Approach

Whenever you’re studying performance metrics and business data, it is best to "start wide" and use a multi-dimensional approach.