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Moonlighting: Why Police Departments Must Have Officer Policies

There are risks involved with allowing police officers to moonlight. That’s why it’s important for law enforcement departments to have clear policies.

Six Things the Military Can Teach Business Leaders

Successful managers and business leaders often turn to high-speed organizations outside their own for inspiration. So, what lessons can the military impart?

Emergency Medical Services: The Changing Landscape

Emergency medical services have not experienced any real transformations in the past few decades. But changes in the field are coming.

New Research: Companies Changing Their Views on Hiring Veterans

New research from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business suggests veterans can be typecast as agentic and unemotional.

Zero Trust Security: A Priority with Today's Growing Remote Workforces

The challenge facing companies today is to address vulnerabilities by providing secure, remote access for all endpoints without decreasing user satisfaction.

Small Business Saturday: Why It Matters to Local Stores

Participation in Small Business Saturday has continued to grow year after year. Shopping local is important because it affects the entire community.

Hotel Liability: Who Is at Fault on the Property? Part II

A hotel cannot avoid liability when the hazard's cause is exclusively within its control. Once a hazard is identified, it should never be left unattended.

Five Tips for Personal Self-Care While You're Job Hunting

Below are five tips for self-care while you're job hunting, which can help you with handling rejection and avoiding isolation, depression, and burnout.

Hotel Liability: Who Is at Fault on the Property? Part I

Licensees and invitees are just as welcome on hotel properties at 2 a.m. as they are at 2 p.m. And this creates unique opportunities for hotel liability.