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Zero Trust Security: A Priority with Today’s Growing Remote Workforces

The challenge facing companies today is to address vulnerabilities by providing secure, remote access for all endpoints without impacting user satisfaction.

Small Business Saturday: Why It Matters to Local Stores

Participation in Small Business Saturday has continued to grow year after year. Shopping local is important because it affects the entire community.

Hotel Liability: Who Is at Fault on the Property? Part II

A hotel cannot avoid liability when the hazard's cause is exclusively within its control. Once a hazard is identified, it should never be left unattended.

Five Tips for Personal Self-Care While You're Job Hunting

Below are five tips for self-care while you're job hunting, which can help you with handling rejection and avoiding isolation, depression, and burnout.

Hotel Liability: Who Is at Fault on the Property? Part I

Licensees and invitees are just as welcome on hotel properties at 2 a.m. as they are at 2 p.m. And this creates unique opportunities for hotel liability.

The Inevitable Self-Service Unemployment Crisis, Part 5

In this final article, I identify three common counterarguments to the idea that self-service technologies are going to cause a major unemployment crisis.

The Inevitable Self-Service Unemployment Crisis, Part 4

The list of occupations in which self-service technology surpasses us will only grow with time. What can individuals do to prepare for the future?

Choosing Your Business Entity as a Startup Organization

Before you take the steps for your start-up business and create a business entity, think carefully about your options and your long-term goals.

Anti-Harassment Rules at Gatherings Foster a Safe Environment

Conferences, trade shows and association meetings are opportunities for networking. However, no industry is exempt from incidents that involve harassment.