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Podcast: The Transformative Process of Law School

In this podcast, APU's Dr. Gary Deel talks to Dr. John Duncan, a law professor, about what students can expect from law school.

Mentoring: The Best Ways to Become a Mentor or a Mentee

The overarching goal of being a mentor or mentee is to better yourself. By striving for that goal, you can also improve your environment.

Organizational Culture and Employees’ Mental Health During the Pandemic

The key to addressing employees’ mental health, especially during the current pandemic, is simply the three Cs: Communicate, Connect, and Collaborate.

Developing Skills to Succeed in the Workplace

In this podcast, APU's Dr. Kandis Boyd Wyatt talks to Tamera Wells-Lee about the most important leadership skills that she learned in her career.

Will TOWS Become the New SWOT Analysis for Companies?

SWOT implies that an organization should analyze itself internally, then shift to external opportunities and threats. However, this situation can be problematic, because most companies need to focus on competitiveness and innovation, both which are directly related to external analyses.

A Legal Writing Portfolio: Useful in Finding a Law Career

Creating a well-crafted legal writing portfolio is important, because it will give you a competitive edge in the legal marketplace.

Podcast: The Past and Future of Artificial Intelligence

In this podcast, Dr. Wanda Curlee talks to Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth about his lengthy career working on artificial intelligence systems, starting in the 1960s.

Working from Home: The Power of Positivity Can Be a Life-Changer

It's important to maintain a positive mental attitude during this pandemic. But how do you reframe negativity into positivity?

Podcast: The Role of Mentorship in Career Advancement

In this podcast, APU business professor Dr. Ashley Taylor talks to Linda Beach about her experience participating in mentoring relationships.