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The 90-Day Career Diet, Step Two: Targeting Where You’re Headed

If you don’t want to be like most people who abandon their resolutions by the second week of February, you need to take control. But you have to do it within the content of a “career nomad” strategy—taking control as you go from one opportunity to the next, whether inside or outside the company.

6 Things You Should Do During the First Hour of Your Day

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Using the first hour of your day wisely is especially important.

5 Simple Ways Elon Musk Accomplishes the Impossible

Elon Musk is one of the most productive and successful business people of the twenty-first century. So how does Musk accomplish so much and enable his teams to succeed? He applies these five strategies.

How To Challenge Your Inner Critic's Question, "Am I Good Enough?"

As is the case with any bully, our inner critics need to be stood up to, firmly and honestly.You need to stare down the bully with disconfirming information that squarely refutes the most tantalizing self-doubts. Here are some of the more common ploys used by our inner critic bullies, and how to fight back.

Watching the Action in PyeongChang? Train Your Brain Like an Olympian

People who are resilient recover from adversity much quicker than others . In competition (and in life), anything can happen – false starts, injuries, loud noises – but a world-class athlete knows how to recover with grace. You can too.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Interviewing

If you think you can "wing it" or fail to prepare adequately, you're at risk of committing at least one of the 7 Deadly Sins—and redeeming yourself will be very difficult. Avoiding that fate comes down to one word: Prepare!

Future of Work: Using Gamification For Human Resources

By Jeanne Meister

2015 will be the year gamification inside the workplace migrates from a few isolated pilots to a new way to engage and recognize high performing employees. Gaming concepts have begun working their way into key HR processes in two ways: as a serious game such as the example below from PwC in recruiting new job candidates to cloud based gamification engines offered by Badgeville, BunchBall and Axonify.