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Good Leaders Keep Employees Motivated and Help Them Develop

The best way to measure the quality of good leaders is to determine how effective their direct reports are. Keep your employees motivated.

How to Be an Empathetic Employer to Your Employees

We potentially defuse violent situations by being an empathetic employer and placing ourselves in the shoes of the individual in question.

Prioritization Is Key to Managing Your Time Effectively

Do not beat yourself up if you can’t get through all of your work. What’s important is that you have a quick plan for task prioritization.

Motivating People to Accept Organizational Change

Organizations will have success if they ensure that the organization change plan includes strategies to address communication, inclusion and empowerment.

Five Strategies to Avoid Possible Career Derailment

All too often, hard-working employees fall victim to insecure and hateful coworkers in toxic work environments. A career derailment can follow.

How Smart People Sabotage Opportunities for Success

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, five areas where smart people seem to struggle were identified. APUS Program Director Dr. Marie Gould Harper discusses these and gives some examples she's personally encountered.

Effective Managers Gain the Trust of Their Employees

Start 2019 off right – Show the managerial qualities your employees want to see and work to keep their trust.

When Is It Time for You to Move on and Get a New Job?

Although getting a new job at another company isn’t always easy, it may be the only way that you can grow and feel fulfilled.

Make 2019 the Year You Set Goals and Reach Them

2019 should be the year that you see your dreams manifest in various areas, such as career, family, finances, and education.