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Do Remote Workers Harm Their Careers Out of the Office?

Let's not summarily kill the growing trend of remote workers. Instead, let's develop the people who can work successfully in a remote environment.

Should Co-Workers Tell Each Other Their Salaries?

If you have a workforce that believes they are making a "fair" salary, the idea that it would be wrong to discuss salaries would no longer be valid.

Nurses Working Overtime: Is It Safe?

Nursing expert and Program Director for Nursing Dr. Stacey Kram and Dr. Marie Gould Harper discuss the issue of overtime in healthcare

Podcast: Making Changes in Your Organization without Fear

In this podcast, Dr. Marie Gould Harper and author David Bugay discuss the intricacies of bold personalities and generational stitching in an organization.

How Women Can Work Together and Succeed in Reaching Goals

Dr. Kimberlee Ratliff was recently an award recipient. The picture used for the ceremony dispelled the myth that women cannot work together.

Toxic Leadership: Why Is It Still Allowed To Exist in the Workplace?

Why is toxic leadership still allowed to exist? The topic of toxicity in the workplace comes up in conversations that I have on a regular basis.

Podcast: Digitization and the Future of Work

In this podcast, Enrique Rubio and Dr. Marie Gould Harper of APU discuss how HR can help employees and business owners navigate digitization at work.

Good Leaders Keep Employees Motivated and Help Them Develop

The best way to measure the quality of good leaders is to determine how effective their direct reports are. Keep your employees motivated.

How to Be an Empathetic Employer to Your Employees

We potentially defuse violent situations by being an empathetic employer and placing ourselves in the shoes of the individual in question.