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When Life Throws You Unexpected Surprises Like a Pandemic

This global pandemic is deeply affecting education, business, government, healthcare and even our daily lives. But there are lessons to be learned.

Team-Building Exercises Can Lower Your Stress Levels

Recently, one of my colleagues asked if she could do a workshop for the School of Business directors. The topic of the workshop was stress.

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Changes in Consumer Behavior

How has the lockdown changed your behavior as a consumer? When you resume our activities outside of your home, will you go back to "business as usual?"

Don't Allow Today's Fears to Stop You from Moving Forward

Be open to exploring and taking a risk. What do you have to lose? Now is the time to take that leap of faith, be creative and be moving forward.

How Will Hotels and Restaurants Fare after the Coronavirus?

APU's Business School Dean Dr. Marie Gould Harper discusses the hospitality industry and the coronavirus pandemic with Dr. Sheri Hernandez.

Will COVID-19 Discourage Future Entrepreneurial Plans?

In this article, APU's Dr. Marie Gould Harper interviews Dr. Cassandra Shaw about entrepreneurship and small businesses in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can Real Estate and Retail Malls Survive the Pandemic?

What will happen to America’s dwindling number of shopping malls after the pandemic is over? Will they be able to weather the storm any better, especially if some of their anchor stores go out of business?

New-Style Business Leaders Will Emerge after the Pandemic

Emerging businesses and leaders will embrace a new way of thinking, and they will be the next generation of innovative leaders.

Post-Coronavirus Pandemic, Let Us All Embrace the New

Think of this pandemic as a time to reflect on your life and what you want it to be like when you emerge on the other side of the crisis.