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The Plight of Customer Service in the Retail Experience

As a consumer, one service that I believe needs improvement is customer service. I prefer to stay home and shop online versus going to a store.

Amazon and Its Internal Culture: Good or Bad for Workers?

In the case of Amazon, what is the truth in regard to work-life balance and its internal culture? The answers depend on whom you ask.

New Horizons and Innovative Purposes for Shopping Malls

Shopping malls have to become a place that is more than the shopping experience to counteract the business losses when consumers shop from online stores.

What We Can Learn from Conducting Business across Cultures

Different cultures do things in different ways. How we secure a deal in our own culture may not be the way to conduct business in another country.

Avoiding Harassment and Discrimination Cases at Conferences

It is a good idea for professional associations to have written policies protecting them from harassment and discrimination incidents.

Bullying in the Workplace: How Does This Happen?

Bullying in schools and on social media has been an issue of great concern to parents and educators. Now we have bullying in the workplace.

Do Remote Workers Harm Their Careers Out of the Office?

Let's not summarily kill the growing trend of remote workers. Instead, let's develop the people who can work successfully in a remote environment.

Should Co-Workers Tell Each Other Their Salaries?

If you have a workforce that believes they are making a "fair" salary, the idea that it would be wrong to discuss salaries would no longer be valid.

Nurses Working Overtime: Is It Safe?

Nursing expert and Program Director for Nursing Dr. Stacey Kram and Dr. Marie Gould Harper discuss the issue of overtime in healthcare