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“It’s the Economy, Stupid!”

The presidential campaign is heating up as is the global economy and the need for multi-skilled jobs, higher education, and innovative technologies.

Complaint = Opportunity: Improving Workplace Relationships

If you get a complaint, don’t throw up barriers. Break them down and resolve the issue. We’re all human and there will be mistakes. The bigger mistake is not looking at a complaint as a gift.

$25,000 Prize for Innovation in Online Education

The ability to analyze your industry and come up with brilliant ideas that push boundaries and invoke new thought is a valuable gift. Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Check out this exciting opportunity to showcase your entreprenurial spirit and submit your idea.

Howdy Neighbor

The following is a true story about workplace miscommunication. The actual names of the participants are being withheld to protect their identities.

Brand You

Could brand fundamentals help us professionally in how we’re perceived in the workplace? Hypothetically speaking, if your office reputation were a brand, what kind of goods are you selling?

Just the Facts

What do you do when your boss asks for feedback about another employee? Stick to just the facts and always be professional. Base your answers in terms of how well you were able to accomplish a business task while working with this co-worker.

Career Spotlight—Accounting

Most accountant positions also require a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Sometimes a related degree will do, but in this competitive job market, it’s ideal to demonstrate a passion for your career by completing a degree that is directly related to it.

OMG! It’s Time to Communicate Better

Why is it that as technology advances, the quality of our communications diminishes?

Cover Letters, Specifically Speaking

Ready to apply? A cover letter could be your secret weapon in enhancing your resume to a potential employer.