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The Skills Gap and COVID-19: Redefining the US Workforce

Workforce leaders are evolving their strategies to bridge the skills gap in the U.S. These disruptive challenges are magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upskilling Future Workforce Will Take On Greater Importance in Post-Coronavirus World

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and as society conceptualizes what “new normal” will look like, upskilling was on the minds of workforce managers.

Reputation Management 101: Don’t Lose Your Cool

By J. Thompson Online Career Tips Contributor Manage your professional reputation by never taking disagreements personally in meetings. Even if you’re 100-percent in the right and the other person hasn’t held up their end the bargain—the way you handle yourself says more about you as a leader and your ability to stay cool under pressure than the conflict itself.

From Yawn to Yay: Jumpstart Your Presentation!

Are you a great public speaker or do you just think you are? Or perhaps you’re not comfortable leading a presentation? Here a few tips to help you jumpstart an engaging presentation.

Politics Do Matter to Your Industry and Career

Whether you’re of the millennial or baby boomer generation, the viability of your career and the legacy of your industry is your responsibility to guide. Get involved politically and help steer your career and industry.

Look, Don’t Judge Me By My Desk

Does our workplace truly reflect our state of mind or our state of progress? Look, we all got a lot going on. The last thing we need is to actually believe the myth that the current state of our desk is a reflection of our state of mind.

Don’t Burn Your Backburner Projects

Nurture your backburner projects and be prepared to kickstart and lead them when they're most needed later.

Thanks for the Endorsement—Do I Know You?

Social media tools like LinkedIn offer tremendous networking services, but when you receive an unsolicited endorsement from someone you don't know, is it wise to accept?

Why Yes I Have My Own Agenda

Set your agenda and use these tips to communicate better, run effective meetings, and drive results.