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Studies Show Middle Managers Struggle with Anxiety and Depression

New research shows that having some authority over co-workers is not the key to eternal happiness. In fact, it may be quite the opposite.

Mindfulness and Action Led APU Alumna Laticia Jackson to Social Activism

On Friday, April 20, Laticia will hold a webinar at 12 noon ET. Laticia will talk about how her her life experiences shaped her social activism.

Pave Your Career Path: VCF Insights from a Corporate Recruiter, Episode 2

On this episode of Pave Your Career Path, Leia O’Connell and corporate recruiter Deana Carter chat about what to expect at a Virtual Career Fair (VCF).

7 Coaching Myths That Are Keeping You From Being a Better Leader

The hallmark of coaching as a leadership style is the igniting of insight in day-to-day conversations, which enables people to learn from their experiences "in the moment."

Why You Can't Solve Problems with Teamwork, Genius, or Creativity

If you want to create brilliant products and solutions, you should hire the best geniuses, give them an environment to flourish, then do what you can to keep them, right?

10 Predictions For AI, Big Data, and Analytics in 2018

A new Forrester Research report, Predictions 2018: The Honeymoon For AI Is Over, predicts that in 2018 enterprises will finally move beyond the hype to recognize that AI requires hard work—planning, deploying, and governing it correctly.

9 Ways to Show Your People You Value Them

Your people need more than a salary and fulfilling work to be their best. They need to know that you see the value in them as individuals and in the work they deliver. Here are nine ways to show them you care.

What to Do if a Prospective Employer is Misrepresenting the Job Offer

Over the years, I have had job candidates ask me how to handle employer deception during the interview process.

Last-Mile Delivery Services Are Changing to Meet Community Needs

Electric trucks and cars are already here. Can our transportation and distribution system adjust to an all-electric fleet of trucks and cars? The cost of such new trucks is already affecting small, startup trucking companies.