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Sharing an Office Space Has Its Challenges and Rewards

Sharing an office space with a stranger can be as enjoyable as two kids in a sandbox or as torturous as two wrestlers in the ring.

How Women Have Finally Broken through the 'Glass Ceiling'

In this era when many women are stepping out as leaders, it’s fair to say that women have finally broken through the glass ceiling.

Removing the Chill from Your Aloof Office Colleagues

Being ignored is no fun. Without standing on your desk or wearing a funny hat to work, how can you get your colleagues to recognize you?

10 Tips for Getting Along with Your Coworkers

Have you ever worked in an office where coworkers were only too eager to spread gossip or run to the boss and tell tales about their colleagues?

Alleviating Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Workplace

In some workplaces, there may be employees who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. But employers can help their employees mitigate the effects of SAD.

New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Work Performance

Most of our New Year’s resolutions are personal. But there are resolutions that you can adopt in the workplace that could be beneficial to your career.

Exchanging Holiday Gifts between Employees and Supervisors

In a recent TV ad, a group of office workers give their boss a holiday gift of automobile floor mats. He seems overjoyed. But are employees supposed to give presents to their supervisor?

Writing Your Own Performance Review? Be Positive!

In some businesses, the task of writing a performance review begins with an employee. But reviewing your own performance is tough.