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Preparation Matters Even More Now for Job Interviews

Companies are still hiring, but job interviews are more likely to be remote. So what can you do to prep intelligently for the not-so-personal interview?

Airlines Large and Small Face Strong Fiscal Headwinds

In addition to the airline industry's "Big Three," some of the nation's smallest airlines are facing the biggest headaches in coping with the pandemic.

Virtual Job Fairs, Work and Learning: How APUS Helps Connect a Remote World in the COVID-19 Era

APUS is a leader in producing virtual career fairs, supplemented by hiring managers with open requirements and a large network of top employers.

Salary Negotiating Tips for First-Time Job Seekers

Whether you're looking to join a mega-company or a smaller firm, there are a few salary questions you should be prepared to ask.

Why It's a Good Idea to Arrive at Your New Job 'Naked'

We all come into a new job naked. For many of us, that means tossing off old ideas and being ready to don new work methods on Day One.

How to Deal with the Immediate Aftermath of Job Loss

Whether it’s just you or along with hundreds of your peers, a sudden job loss is difficult to handle. Assess the situation at your leisure.

An Environmental Dilemma: Working from Home or in the Office?

Many employers have sanctioned working from home. They believe the practice produces a healthier workforce and a more sustainable ecological future.

Maintaining Your Cool after You've Been Fired from Your Job

Getting fired happens to all of us at one time or another. But how you handle that blow to your self-esteem is what matters.

Working for a Bad Boss Who's Making Your Life Difficult

You can’t always pick an ideal boss. Fast Company offers the following six tips for dealing with your own personal Mr. Hyde if you have a bad boss.