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Preparing Leaders through Humanities and Business Degrees

How do you become a leader of people? The best training for up-and-coming leaders is a degree in the humanities and a degree in business.

Why It’s Important to Not Kill Creativity in the Workplace

If you want your team to go above and beyond what you think is possible, give them freedom. Whatever you do, do not unintentionally kill their creativity.

Creativity: A Competitive Skill All Workers Should Have

Learning how to be creative takes hard work. But when you have that creativity, you can be innovative, demonstrate divergent thinking and take risks.

Let's Begin Today to Prepare for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Some of us are beginning our careers while others are in the midst of their working life. All of us, however, have to prepare for jobs of the future.

Workplace Civility Is an Important Soft Skill to Develop

Civility in the workplace is a major problem in America today. Why is incivility getting worse in our society and what is to be done?

How to Become an Artist and Still Be Financially Solvent

Can you have a career as a self-sustaining artist? Probably not. But there are ways that you can still be happy in your chosen career path.

How One Trucking Company Is Improving Its Innovation

Every company and institution tries to achieve innovation. Other companies could use Fleet Advantage’s model to create their own innovation.

Organizational Innovation Has Many Definitions for Companies

In business, we are surrounded by the desire to be innovative. But organizational innovation has more than one definition.