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Is An AI Crisis Coming Soon to Take Away Our Jobs?

An artificial intelligence (AI) crisis is upon us. So what can you do to prepare for the AI crisis in relation to your job? Actually, a lot.

The Professional and Personal Pros and Cons of Using Twitter

Twitter has been around for a while. But because Twitter is not a fair representation of U.S. demographics and its negativity, I don’t recommend using it.

Opportunity Jobs Can Create a Successful and Secure Future

What kind of job should you go for that will keep you employed? Indeed's State of Opportunity report describes what it calls opportunity jobs.

Developing the Leadership Skills Needed for Management

How can a young manager acquire the skills and competencies required to make the transition to leadership? The OPM has excellent resources.

Is Work a Calling, a Misery or Something in Between?

With so much time at work, should our careers be a calling or is what we do to make money an experience in misery? For most, it is somewhere in between.

Lifelong Learning Is Critical for 21st-Century Workers

Lifelong learning, a necessity for the 21st-century worker, acknowledges that not all training and learning will occur in school or at work.

Preparing Leaders through Humanities and Business Degrees

How do you become a leader of people? The best training for up-and-coming leaders is a degree in the humanities and a degree in business.

Why It’s Important to Not Kill Creativity in the Workplace

If you want your team to go above and beyond what you think is possible, give them freedom. Whatever you do, do not unintentionally kill their creativity.

Creativity: A Competitive Skill All Workers Should Have

Learning how to be creative takes hard work. But when you have that creativity, you can be innovative, demonstrate divergent thinking and take risks.