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Baby Boomers: Don't Be the Office Dinosaur

Technology and how quickly it changes is something every worker needs to be aware of. Learning the new software or technology your company uses is essential to be vital in your job and to your company.

The Best Ways to Handle Boredom at Work

Focusing on being productive isn’t always easy when you’re feeling uninspired or under-challenged. Don’t feel like you’re alone with your feelings of boredom.

How Can Bias During Interviews Affect Recruitment in Your Organisation

Unconscious bias can affect workplaces and organizations. It can introduce unintentional discrimination and result in poor decision-making.

4 Ways Leaders Can Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental illness is a stubborn foe. It affects how we think, feel, and act. Advocates must dispel the perception that depression and related conditions are a private concern that belongs in the shadows.

What Happens To Your Career If You Get Sick? A Workaholic's Breast Cancer Saga

According to the American Cancer Society, this year more than 330,000 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in the US. But it's an empty statistic until you're one of the women told "you have breast cancer."

5 Business Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Educators

Teaching and working at startups have taught me about business. Now I can see how entrepreneurs and leading teachers can similarly run their classrooms or boardrooms.

How To Retain Diverse Talent

To understand how to foster an inclusive workplace, the focus must be placed on two separate but equal components: attraction and retention. You cannot have diversity without inclusion, so creating strategies to foster an inclusive workplace is critical.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Remote Team

If you’re looking to work with a remote team you should be informed on the pluses and minuses associated with doing so.

Good Jobs, Even in a World of Automation

Automation, big data, robotics and artificial intelligence are coming on fast and profoundly changing the way we live. Jobs in many industries are being altered, reduced, and in some cases, wiped out by a march in technology.