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A Job Offer Is More Than Salary: 10 Questions To Ask Before Accepting

When you think about what is included in a job offer, do you think just about salary, paid time off and medical benefits? There are many other components to a job offer. Here are 10 questions to ask before accepting a job.

Workplace Loneliness in the Age of Connectivity

Whether the result of social change, personal doubt, automation or other factors it’s clear that we have to recognize and address loneliness in the workplace. Next week, in the second part of this blog post, we’ll look at this in more detail and provide a range of possible solutions worthy of consideration for your business.

3 Interviewing Practices That Ruin Great Candidate Experiences and How to Win Them Over

The best weapon companies can possess in the war for talent is a solid interviewing strategy that wins over the best candidates.

What Retail Technology Needs To Do Next

If you're a big retailer and talk about mapping the genome of your inventory and matching it to customer tastes, you'll get resistance. But the future is coming and these changes will make retail stores worth going to again.

The Power Of Data: The Recipe For Leadership Development

The reality is you’re probably not as effective as you think you are. The only way to know is to gather feedback from others about your performance.

The Big Problem With LinkedIn's List of Top Skills

Let’s raise the perception and understanding of what it means to be a leader, and to develop one’s professional skills. There’s nothing soft about that.

Workplace Trend: Stress Is On the Rise

The good news is if you’re fortunate enough to have a low-stress manager, it can make a real positive difference in your daily experience of work. The bad news – the workplace stress needle is moving in the wrong direction.

Lead With Intention: Why Amazing Leaders Master the Moment Between Stimulus and Response

The brightest ideas often spark when we give ourselves permission to slow down. In that mental space—lying silently on a yoga mat in California—Anese Cavanaugh’s groundbreaking strategic leadership method, IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence), was born.

Here's Why We Need to Give Up Multitasking

Most of us believe we're above average in our abilities to multitask, but that’s just not true. The problem is that, aside from one particular exception, multitasking makes us far less productive.