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From Chaos to Calm: How to Communicate with Your Remote Team

Communicating in a remote team doesn’t have to be chaotic. There’s an art to building habits that enable real work and collaboration.

Bust Your Leadership Blindspot in 3 Steps

All leaders have blindspots. The question is, do you know what yours are? Being able to identify those blindspots will help you in shifting your behavior.

Right-To-Work Laws Are Good For Workers

In an upcoming study in the Journal of Law and Economics, economist Christos Makridis finds that workers report greater life satisfaction after their state becomes a right-to-work state.

One Giant Leap For Womankind: The First All-Female Spacewalk

NASA announced that the first all-female spacewalk would take place—finally—in the early morning hours of October 18, 2019, conducted by astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch.

Self-Managed Teams Result in Lower Pay For Women

Recent research revealed that women in self-managed teams appeared to make 25% less than their male counterparts. The outcome was not a result of their lower productivity levels, but rather the fact that women in such teams appear to be compensated below what they’re worth, and men often more than they’re worth.

Six Keys To Unlock A Successful Corporate Transformation

Leadership teams often find themselves in a vicious cycle of launching a “transformation” every three to five years. All too often after some initial gains, old habits creep back in, the impact is lost, and the transformation is deemed to have failed—resulting in teams losing faith in future efforts.

The Secret Sauce When Choosing a Second Act Career

What's the secret sauce to a satisfying second-act career? Most people assume meaningful work is the key. But according to Rob Cross, Edward A. Madden professor of global leadership at Babson College, research shows that people tend to overestimate the importance of the what when they should be focusing on the who.

Don't Forget a Mental Health Check-In On Your To-Do List

Mental health is the most important thing that we often don't talk about. Of all the potential barriers that we face professionally, an unhappy and demoralized workforce are the most immediate to hindering what we could accomplish.

Authenticity At Work: Is There Such A Thing As 'Too Real?'

Many people are tempted to adopt a persona at work. But colleagues can smell phoniness, which strains relationships–not to mention that when you adopt a "work persona," you're leaving many of your most valuable talents at the door.