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Authenticity At Work: Is There Such A Thing As 'Too Real?'

Many people are tempted to adopt a persona at work. But colleagues can smell phoniness, which strains relationships–not to mention that when you adopt a "work persona," you're leaving many of your most valuable talents at the door.

Jobless Claims Fall Sharply: 4 Staffing Stocks in Focus

The latest U.S. Labor Department data revealed that jobless claims for the week ended Aug 17 declined sharply. The figure was 209,000, down 12,000 from the previous week's revised level and way below the consensus estimate of 217,000. This suggests that the labor market is still holding tight despite concerns that the economy may go into recession.

Needed: More Skills to Build AI Systems, Which Are Supposed to Alleviate Skills Needs

A majority of executives in a recent survey, 62%, believe AI will help drive efficiency and competitiveness.

Are You the Right Type of Busy?

Do you ever mistake hyperactivity for productivity? Trick question – everybody does! But if you’re sacrificing true productivity for the day-to-day busy work, you are not fulfilling your role as the business owner.

Is Artificial Intelligence the Key to Recruiting A Diverse Workforce?

So, is AI beneficial to those seeking diversity, or will it just exacerbate the problem? One recruiting firm has found that AI is an effective strategy for increasing the diversity of candidate pools, as long as its implemented correctly.

Pitch Your Ideas to Your Boss Using These 7 Proven Strategies For Success

Let's face it: one idea, together with a great pitch, can redefine your career. How do you craft a pitch that doesn't sound like a sales job, or a data dump – even if you work in sales, or data? These seven proven pitch strategies will help you to clarify your message and help your boss to give your ideas the green light.

How to Deal With Burnout: A Proven Plan for Overcoming It (and Coming Back Stronger Than Before)

These are all telltale signs of being burnt out. You're not alone. As recently as 2018, a study found that 40% of U.S. adult workers were so burnt out at their jobs that they considered quitting. Burnout is so common, in fact, that the World Health Organization listed it as an occupational syndrome on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Want To Get More Innovative With Your Team? Here’s Where You Need To Focus.

Building an innovation mindset within a team is similar to building a muscle; it needs practice and more practice. "Visual diversity" is no longer enough, "cognitive diversity" is the game-changer for high performing organizations.

How the Gig Economy Can Boost the Mental Health of Workers

A new study from researchers at INSEAD argues that self-employed workers in the U.K. have better mental health than their salaried peers, with gig workers found to drink less, have higher confidence levels and generally exhibit less signs of stress.