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How Is Your Leader Led?

By being mindful of the way your leader is led you can adjust your approach to your job in a way that will significantly improve both your relationship with your boss and their performance in theirs.

The 20 Best (and Free) Ways To Boost Your Career By 2020

We have about 20 working days before we close out the year, which gives you plenty of time to squeeze in some professional development—without spending a dime. Here are the 20 best (and free) ways to improve your career before the new decade begins.

Getting to a Win-Win-Win in Digital Boardroom Leadership

I recently spent some time with the Chief Digital Officer at Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies. Here are Christopher Desautel's thoughts on digital leadership.

How to Avoid Making a Massive Mistake With This Essential Leadership Skill

Even if you think you’re self-aware, you might be falling into the trap of being focused solely on yourself. This can happen to even the savviest leaders among us, but the good news is that we can avoid making a massive mistake with a few simple steps.

Here’s NASA's Secret Weapon, When It Comes To Future-of-Work Multi-Tasking

What’s the best way to help an employee navigate multiple freelance resources? That’s a question we often get when a company begins to source work through one—or sometimes many—on-demand open talent platforms.

From Chaos to Calm: How to Communicate with Your Remote Team

Communicating in a remote team doesn’t have to be chaotic. There’s an art to building habits that enable real work and collaboration.

Bust Your Leadership Blindspot in 3 Steps

All leaders have blindspots. The question is, do you know what yours are? Being able to identify those blindspots will help you in shifting your behavior.

Right-To-Work Laws Are Good For Workers

In an upcoming study in the Journal of Law and Economics, economist Christos Makridis finds that workers report greater life satisfaction after their state becomes a right-to-work state.

One Giant Leap For Womankind: The First All-Female Spacewalk

NASA announced that the first all-female spacewalk would take place—finally—in the early morning hours of October 18, 2019, conducted by astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch.