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Avoiding Team Conflict Can Be a Grave Mistake: Four Strategies For Healthy Team Conflict

One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is avoiding team conflict. Yes, conflict may feel uncomfortable, but that tension is often a very natural if not necessary part of real progress and team bonding.

Micro-Entrepreneurs are the Backbone of the Gig Economy

Businesses have a choice. They must rebuild their foundation on a digital business model or risk ending up on the dustbin of history. Micro-entrepreneurs are the backbone and the engine of this emerging economy.

Top Job Interview Soft Skill is Uncomfortable For 69% of Managers

Communication is the key to success in your career, and the soft skill of conversation is on clear display in any job interview. Sir Richard Branson says that ”Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.”  However, if you are uncomfortable with your communication skills, you’re not alone.

Startup Myths: Business Plans Have To Be Perfect

The importance of planning shouldn’t be diminished; every business that hopes to succeed needs a solid plan if it hopes to make it through the unforgiving startup world onto the more stable ground of medium to long-term viability and growth.

5 Ladies Leading Change in Education & Talent Technology

Five ladies in leadership share their work that has served to create more enriching, equitable and just educational and talent possibilities for a variety of learners of all ages at all stages.

Is the Gig Economy Really Coming to Steal Our Lunch?

It’s common for each generation to think themselves to be different than those who went before however, and the lack of real movement in the number of people employed in the gig economy doesn’t suggest that we’re in the midst of tremendous change just yet.

What Effect Does Group Coaching Have on Leaders?

Looking at the effects of group coaching and how that affected the development of the female leaders within a recent study.

The Critical Building Blocks Of Every Manager's Job

We’re often so caught up in the relief and excitement of being promoted to manager that we completely miss one important fact – that we have accepted an entirely different job.

Tech, Innovation and People: The Three Vital Ingredients For Business Success

For business leaders, the focus has very much been on understanding how they can best work with technology partners and use innovative solutions to create business value, keep ahead of competitors and take the company into the future.