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How Jeff Bezos Hires Great People

People can have the same accomplishments but with wildly different motivations. Credentials may be the most visible, but the motivation is the root that built the tree. What an employer needs to uncover is not what school a candidate went to but what makes them tick?

3 People You Should Connect With When Changing Careers

When you’re under pressure to quickly land a new job or manage a new set of responsibilities, being around the right people during this transition can make the difference between feeling energized or feeling deflated.

College Entrepreneurship 101: Finding Your First Investor

Here are 11 tips for funding a college startup from a top VC firm as well as professors and founders at Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania.

How Cross-Functional Teams Give You a Competitive Advantage

For decades, companies adopted a hierarchical structure that echoed a military organization. In recent years, however, many companies have experimented with new approaches to a corporate structure that eliminates the traditional barriers between decision-makers and employees.

How To Use Gamification To Impact Your Employee's Productivity

Gamification can make work and achieving goals much more enjoyable, fun, and rewarding. You'll also attract talent, engage them and keep them motivated by instant rewards, gratification, and prompt feedback.

How We Easily Can Inspire More Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

In the first quarter of this year only 3% of companies that received venture capital funding were led by women, according to the business intelligence firm Crunchbase.

Jobs for All? Take the Idea Seriously but Not Literally.

If the United States could guarantee jobs in even a modestly efficient manner and in a way that significantly increased employment, it would be a very good thing.

Seven Work-Life Balance Tips for Executives

Work-life balance is among the most challenging aspects of being a professional. Achievement and advancement often come with heavy workloads and long hours, and our personal lives can inevitably take a hit.

Five Tactics To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Happy workers are productive workers. Creating a workplace that is transparent, productive, and rewarding provides motivation and creates a positive and progressive workplace.