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5 Professional Opportunities You’re Missing By Being Inactive On LinkedIn

From what I’ve observed in my own career and my clients’ careers, being active on LinkedIn has little downside, and in fact, can open many doors when used in the right way. If you’re someone who still thinks LinkedIn is no longer relevant or valuable, here are five professional opportunities you may be missing by not being active on LinkedIn:

Confidence a Key Success Factor For Women in Startups and STEM

It is absolutely clear that women in STEM fields, and business in general, still experience bias and gender-specific issues that need to be addressed.

How To Breathe Excitement Into Mind-Numbing Work

It really is possible to create a work environment that keeps people actively engaged. Many organizations have it all wrong. They don’t just need to motivate their people. They need to stop demotivating them.

The Marketer's Guide to Chatbots

Chatbots are being used for all kinds of things – from GPs and lawyers to personalized shopping assistants. Sometimes they simply provide answers to FAQs, but in more complex applications, they’re providing entire shopping experiences.

3 Ways To Help New Managers Quickly Establish Credibility

The transition to new manager is more challenging than the transition to CEO, as new CEOs usually have a great deal of institutional support, while new managers are left to fend for themselves.

5 Reasons Why Humility is an Essential Leadership Trait

When you think about leadership traits typically what comes to mind are qualities like strength, vision, enthusiasm, charisma and courage. Often you’ll overlook an essential leadership trait – humility.

The 4 Scientific Lessons Stephen Hawking Never Learned

Stephen Hawking was a titan of science, of science communication, and an enduring symbol of how much someone with a disability could achieve in this world. He belongs to the ages now, but both the lessons he taught us and the lessons he failed to learn for himself are open to us all.

How Blockchain Will Change HR Forever

If we fully utilize blockchain’s capabilities, the technology will create more accurate and effective approaches to just about everything in HR. From big-picture areas like hiring and taxes to smaller scale tasks like payroll, there are so many important human resources applications that blockchain will change.

How To Prioritize Your Fresh Ideas in a New Job

Everyone starting a new job faces the same dilemma. They know they should observe, listen and learn before passing judgment on anything. But then they see, hear, and learn about things they know they can fix.