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Writing Articles for LinkedIn

By Lavinia Tauro

Many people use LinkedIn’s publishing feature to promote their business and services, but there are very few people who are termed as LinkedIn influencers. There are some tips for optimizing the viewership of published work on LinkedIn.

How To Run a Meeting

By Susan Adams, Forbes.com Special to Online Career Tips What does Katz advise about long-winded colleagues who can’t for the life of them summarize their points? Wait until they take a breath, she suggests, and then jump in.

How to Do Well by Doing Good

By Shradha Agarwal, Business2Community.com Special to Online Career Tips What do you think of when you hear “doing well by doing good” – that it’s a cliché? How about “impact businesses” – sexy? Or what about: “for-benefit companies” – confused yet? No matter what you call it, many young women today want to align with an organization that is changing the world somehow.

Pay It Forward With the Five-Minute Favor

By Kare Anderson, Forbes.com Special to Online Career Tips Adam Rifkin taught me that giving doesn’t require becoming Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi; we can all find ways of adding high value to others’ lives at a low personal cost. The five-minute favor is my single favorite habit that I learned while writing the book.” We particularly enjoy looking for ways to.

How to Network Successfully When You’re Over 40

By Robert L. Dilenschneider, Next Avenue Contributor Special to Online Career Tips Networking is vital if you want to find a job, start a business or attract new clients or customers to a small company you’ve already established. So why do so many of us over 40 neglect to take advantage of this essential tool?

How to Talk to Your CEO

Once you get through the kerfuffle that sometimes shields the CEO from the rest of the organization you need to be able to make a personal connection. This is especially true in two key situations: one, interacting socially at a company function; and two, if you are presenting your project for their approval.

Be the One Who Gets the Promotion

After 30 years counseling clients on how to get promoted, Asher has formed a few contrarian ideas. “Most people think that a promotion is a reward,” he observes. Not so, he maintains. “People get promoted because their bosses believe they will succeed in the next assignment.”

10 Tips for Better Business Writing

The ubiquity of e-mail means that everyone in business, from lords of finance to programmers who dream in code, needs to write intelligently. By using simple, clear, precise language, and following a few other basic writing rules, you can become a better communicator and improve the prospects for your career.

How To Get The Best References

Only use someone as a reference if you’re certain she will sing your praises. “Hiring managers expect a rave,” Stamboulie observes.