Automated Interviewing: Should Organizations Use It?

Candidates will often favor a job opportunity that has a human touch. If a company representative is not involved from the initial stage of the hiring process, applicants might see themselves as nothing more than a number in an impersonal process.


How to Make Lifting Up Young Entrepreneurs Your Legacy

How can leaders make time to help the next generation? Think about it from a business perspective: 86% of U.S. consumers want companies to be more socially responsible, and there’s no telling what valuable connections might come from mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs.


Here’s Why We Need to Give Up Multitasking

You’ve probably already heard that multitasking is inefficient and doesn’t actually save us any time. But, you probably also think that you’re different and have a higher capacity to multitask than most people. Plus, you’ve got so much going on that you need to multitask, right? Ironically, most of us believe we’re above average in our abilities to multitask, but of course, that’s just not true.