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Determining Which Job Skills Are in Demand in Your Field

Determining Which Job Skills Are in Demand in Your Field


By Susan Hoffman
Contributor, Online Career Tips

When you’re preparing for a new career, it’s wise to know what job skills are most in demand in your industry. That way, you’ll be better prepared when you start answering job ads and going to interviews.

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Although employers vary in their requirements for what skills they require from a new hire, some of the same skills regularly appear in job advertisements. For instance, employers want new employees to have good communication skills.

In addition, most organizations require their new workers to be familiar with software such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Some companies also ask for other qualifications, such as a security clearance, certifications, academic degrees or knowledge of industry regulations.

But how do you determine what specific job skills employers in your particular field want you to have? There are several resources you can use to find out.

Four Ways to Search for In-Demand Job Skills

  1. Job advertisements – Reading job listings is a good way to start researching the skills employers want from you. If you see the same skill listed repeatedly in various ads for companies in your area, be sure to get some experience with that skill.
  2. Industry publications – Many companies in different industries have PDF magazines that are available online, as well as industry blogs, websites, podcasts and videos. Read them carefully for industry-related information regarding skills that others in your field possess.
  3. Recruiters – Recruiters commonly have an intimate knowledge of the local job market. They can provide guidance regarding the skills their clients seek in job candidates.
  4. Mentors – If you have a mentor, ask him or her for advice on the most in-demand skills that people in your industry have. Like recruiters, mentors can also offer valuable advice regarding the skills or knowledge you should work on learning.

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