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Is the Cybersecurity and Technology VCF for You?

Is the Cybersecurity and Technology VCF for You?


By Rowe Leathers
Career Coach, APUS

The APUS Cybersecurity and Technology Virtual Career Fair (VCF) isn’t necessarily just for those interested in careers specific to cybersecurity and technology. We often confuse our degree as our designated career path – it isn’t.

Register for the Cybersecurity and Technology VCF on October 23!

While the upcoming VCF is focused on cybersecurity and technology, careers in supporting roles are just as important to employers in those fields. It’s often forgotten that technology, science, business and math cross all boundaries and are present in every industry. If you don’t think your job is in technology, consider some of the following questions:

  • Do you work with data?
  • Do you perform research, prepare reports, analyze your outcomes and present your findings?
  • Do you draft technical reports or perform scientific-based procedures?
  • Do you troubleshoot issues in your systems or networks and identify solutions to improve processes?
  • Are you social media- or marketing-savvy?

If you’re interested in segueing more towards those aspects of your current job, then your entrance into the field of technology may be now. For those not quite ready, keep in mind that you are likely using some form of technology to process data in your current role. Below are a few steps you can take to begin finding a path toward a career in technology:

  • Work closer with colleagues who work in the tech department. Strive to get a better understanding of what connects your current role to technology. Establish yourself as someone who can bridge the two departments.
  • Take the initiative to learn IT skills on your own. There are numerous online courses in coding, web publishing and other IT disciplines – many of them are available for free.
  • For rising IT professionals, get relevant entry-level certifications such as CompTIA A+ to show you have an understanding of the fundamentals of computer technology. Or, consider getting certified as Microsoft Certified Professional if you plan to leverage your administrative background.
  • Volunteer within your workplace or outside organizations to find opportunities to practice your growing knowledge.
  • Once you have some foundational knowledge of how your current role supports IT, take steps to position yourself to pivot into a position in entry-level IT. Leverage your career history to pivot toward technology. Staying within your current field while pivoting towards technology may help to recognize you as having field experience oppose to being an entry-level applicant.

Pivoting your career toward a new direction can be challenging and daunting. But if you take steps to learn and contribute relevant ideas while in your current role, you may be surprised where your efforts can lead you.

Attending the upcoming VCF can be the first step for your career pivot. This event is exclusive to AMU and APU students and alumni. It provides a small and intimate environment where you will have a chance to connect with recruiters to discuss their organizations, job opportunities, and the evolving industry.

Register for the Cybersecurity and Technology VCF on October 23!

If the upcoming Cybersecurity & Technology Virtual Career Fair is not quite up your alley, be sure to attend other upcoming VCFs next year. Each event features different industries and employers looking for new talents.