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Five Tips for Personal Self-Care While You're Job Hunting

Five Tips for Personal Self-Care While You're Job Hunting


By Kim Slaughter
Career Coach, APUS

Job hunting can be challenging and stressful. Taking care of yourself during your job hunt is paramount to your success during the process, and when you find your next position.

Below are five tips for self-care while you’re job hunting, which can help you with handling rejection and avoiding isolation, depression, and burnout. Following these tips will help you to feel more positive and will allow you to radiate that positivity to others.

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Write in a Journal

Journaling is a great tool. Journaling throughout your job hunting process allows you to track your journey. It allows you to release tension, rather than bottling it up.

Journaling also helps you to sleep better because you have taken the time to write down your worries and clear your mind. Writing down your concerns can reduce depressive symptoms and improve your psychological well-being.

Do Volunteer Work

Volunteering is fantastic for those seeking a new job. Volunteering allows you to feel accomplished, give back to your community and gain perspective.

When you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, seek organizations that are closely aligned with your preferred role and industry. This tactic allows you to gain skills relative to the types of jobs that you are seeking.

In addition, you can add your volunteer work to your resume. This experience can be particularly helpful during periods when you are out of work.

Volunteering allows you to engage with other community members and network with them. You never know whom you might meet while you’re a volunteer.

Seek Support

Identifying a support system during your job hunt is crucial. Some areas have job clubs that you can join where the participants are all job hunting. Finding someone who supports you during your job hunt allows you to be accountable.

It also allows you to have someone to talk to who understands and who can remind you that you are valued. Seek support of a trusted family member, friend or therapist to help you move forward.

Maintain Your Physical Wellness

A regular exercise routine and healthy eating are very important during a job hunt. Exercise and healthy eating promotes energy levels, reduces stress and increases your self-image.

Maintaining a positive self-image is very important. You want to ensure that you are the best version of yourself when meeting prospective employers or networking with other professionals. Our energy precedes us, so it is vital that you take care of yourself to promote positivity when interacting with others.

Take a Break

If you have been on the hunt for some time, taking a break allows you to cope and reflect. Sometimes, there is no better way to manage stress than to just take a break from the entire process. This break will allow you to disconnect and regroup.

During this time, you can assess your physical and emotional well-being. Taking a break will allow you to feel more refreshed when you start job hunting again.

Feelings of Frustration, Stress and Anxiety Are Normal When You’re Job Hunting

It is normal to feel a sense of frustration, stress and anxiety during your job hunt. These types of coping mechanisms allow you to manage your mood and maintain your sanity.

If you need support throughout the process, Career Services is here to help. We can provide support and encouragement, as well as tips on job hunting, complimentary resume reviews and mock interviews. Feel free to email us at careerservices@apus.edu to connect with a career coach today.

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