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Prioritization Is Key to Managing Your Time Effectively

Prioritization Is Key to Managing Your Time Effectively

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By Dr. Marie Gould Harper
Program Director, Management, American Public University

To make sure that all of my work gets done, I usually write up a list of everything I need to do. I prioritize certain tasks according to how important I think they are.

However, each morning I wake up and re-evaluate the list to see if priorities have shifted or if I need to add new items. I then select the top five items and strive to complete them each day.

Yoga has helped me remain realistic about what I can accomplish during a workday. Yoga helped me to realize that:

  • I can only do so much within a given set of hours.
  • There will always be a list of tasks to do.
  • Stress harms the body, so any work-related stress should be minimized.

Prioritization Also Helps Businesses Run More Smoothly

Lee Polevoi is a business writer specializing in the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses. He created a list of eight goals that may be a way to maintain your sanity as you complete competing tasks on a daily basis. The next time you fall behind in your work, consider these tips for proper prioritization and a more efficient use of your day:

1. Recap and reassess your goals.

2. Prioritize wisely and do so on a periodic basis.

3. Say no and don’t take on more than you can handle.

4. Plan ahead and anticipate potential problems.

5. Eliminate distractions by selecting a quiet location where you can work. Open office space doesn’t work for everyone.

6. Delegate more and trust your employees to complete the tasks you assigned them.

7. Watch where you spend your time because you need to account for every minute of your day.

8. Take care of yourself and ensure you get ample sleep.

Do not beat yourself up if you can’t get through all of the work you want to accomplish during your workday. What’s important is that you have a quick plan in place for task prioritization, so you maintain your balance.

About the Author

Dr. Marie Gould Harper is the Program Director of Management at American Public University. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Wellesley College, a master’s degree in instructional systems from Pennsylvania State University and a doctorate in business from Capella University. She is a progressive coach, facilitator, writer, strategist and human resources/organizational development professional with more than 30 years of leadership, project management, and administrative experience. Dr. Gould Harper has worked in both corporate and academic environments.

Dr. Gould Harper is an innovative thinker and influential leader, manifesting people skills, a systematic approach to problems, organizational vision and ability to inspire followers. She is committed to continuous improvement in organizational effectiveness and human capital development, customer service and the development of future leaders.



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