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Why Philosophy Majors Make Valuable Employees

Why Philosophy Majors Make Valuable Employees

Start a philosophy degree at American Public University.

By Anna Sommer
Career Services Coordinator, APUS

“What can I do with this degree?” is a common question to ask when you’re considering different degree options. However, not all degree programs link directly to a specific career path.

One example is the bachelor of arts in philosophy. Rather than focus specifically on what job title you might pursue with a philosophy degree, ask yourself instead, “What marketable and versatile skills will I learn with this degree?” This question focuses more on the intellectual skills and attributes that you will learn, which will be needed and valuable throughout your career.

What Job Skills Do Philosophy Majors Learn?

Philosophy majors commonly develop four skills that have real-world value in the job market, such as:

1) Research Skills

Philosophy majors are immersed in all aspects of research. That includes learning how to seek out information from various sources and perspectives, analyzing that information for relevancy and credibility, and synthesizing that information in a way that makes it useful to a project. Quality research skills involve great attention to detail, as well as the ability to understand the details within the scope of the big picture.

2) Communication Skills

Philosophy students continuously practice and hone their communication skills, both oral and written. The art of being able to craft, debate or sell an idea rests on the person’s ability to communicate that idea in a clear and effective way.

In today’s world, we are bombarded by information. Philosophy majors learn how to take that information and mold it into something that is organized, tangible and actionable.

3) Problem-Solving Skills

Philosophy majors learn the art of problem solving. They dig through high-level issues by asking important and out-of-the-box questions to get to the root of an issue.

Also, they analyze an issue from multiple perspectives and debate it from multiple angles. Afterward, philosophy students propose solutions to a problem in a well-organized manner.

4) Interpersonal Skills

Philosophy students develop valuable interpersonal skills. As employees, philosophy majors will interact with varying personalities who may often have vastly different opinions and beliefs. Completing research, communicating ideas and solving problems becomes much easier through the development of interpersonal skills.

Interpersonal skills help philosophy majors take on challenging situations and challenging personalities. They learn the value of listening to and understanding multiple perspectives and differing viewpoints.

The Skills of Philosophy Majors Apply to Multiple Career Fields

Although there may not be a specific job title or career path that can be linked to a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, the skills philosophy students gain are incredibly valuable to employers in almost every career field. Organizations actively look for candidates who can complete thorough, detailed research and communicate effectively in different formats and with different audiences. They also seek employees who solve complex problems and work creatively and effectively with a variety of staff members and clients.



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