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Does Your Brand Have a Memorable Origin Story?

Does Your Brand Have a Memorable Origin Story?

[Front lobby at The Coca-Cola Company Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Photo Credit: Jessica Stasiw]
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By Jessica Stasiw
Senior Content Marketing Manager, American Public University System

Knowing your company’s mission statement should be just as important as knowing the history of your organization. The origin story of a company is something that all of its employees inherit as they become part of an institution’s fabric.

So does this mean that every origin story has to invoke a throat-clenching or fist-pumping emotion? The short answer: No. It’s how you tell that story that makes the difference in how much value it adds to your company narrative.

Redefining Your Mission Statement as a ‘Quest’ for More Effective Storytelling

Award-winning novelist Justina Chen has redefined the traditional company mission statement as the “quest.” Coupled with your origin story, your mission statement has the power to inspire change.

That change can be through your employees, industry peers and ultimately your customers. If you want them to care about your product, service or message, then they need to have a company with a heart and a start.

How to Tell Your Brand’s Origin Story

In this video, I discuss more highlights from Ragan Communications’ 2017 Brand Storytelling and Content Marketing Conference, with anecdotes from Ben Deutsch, VP of Corporate Communications at The Coca-Cola Company, and award-winning novelist Justina Chen. You don’t need to be driving the strategy at your company to be a part of the narrative. There are many ways for you to be a talent scout and influencer in your organization.


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Jessica Stasiw is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at American Public University System. Her day-to-day activities revolve around the written word. She’s been a wordsmith and content guru for more than nine years, seven of them spent in higher education. She gets to use her B.A. in English from Florida State University every day, and relishes the opportunities she has in working with subject matter experts from different types of industries.