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Will Brand Journalism Take Over Traditional Public Relations?

Will Brand Journalism Take Over Traditional Public Relations?

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By Jessica Stasiw
Senior Content Marketing Manager, American Public University System

During Ragan Communications’ 2017 Brand Storytelling and Content Marketing Conference at Cola-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, that’s one thing attendees are looking to discover: Has brand journalism become the replacement for standard company communication? Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, shared his thoughts on why companies should be taking corporate communications and converting them into a newsdesk approach. If you want your audience to enjoy your content, your litmus test is whether the content excites YOU, the content creator, first.

Gone are the days of calling up your local news station, hoping they can break your story to what you think is an eager audience. With the advent of social media and blogging, reporting news to your audience is easy to do internally. Mark’s motto in the opening keynote was to “Stop begging the media and become the media instead.”

The self-empowerment that our social-sharing culture has created is motivating employees at every level of the company to share their company stories. Employees are now slowly evolving into brand ambassadors and media representatives in their own right.

In this short video, I review some of the key takeaways from the first day at the event.

About the Speaker

Jessica Stasiw is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at American Public University System. Her day-to-day activities revolve around the written word. She’s been a wordsmith and content guru for more than nine years, seven of them spent in higher education. She gets to use her B.A. in English from Florida State University every day, and relishes the opportunities she has in working with subject matter experts from different types of industries.