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Education and Preparation Are Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

Education and Preparation Are Key to Successful Entrepreneurship


By Shun McGhee
Contributor, Career Services

I have been a career coach for about nine years. During that time, I have received many similar questions. But every once in a while, I am asked a question that I consider unique and memorable.

The most recent query I received that fits into the unique and memorable category came from a student pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship. He asked, “How can students with a degree in entrepreneurship not appear like a jack of all trades to potential employers?”

Distinguish Yourself by Obtaining a Certificate in a Special Concentration

I like it when students try to prepare themselves for the professional terrain awaiting them after graduation. So I replied that the best way to not appear like a jack of all trades is to obtain an additional certificate in a specific concentration. The current work environment is highly competitive. As a result, employers have the luxury of selecting only the most qualified applicants. Applicants who are considered to be highly qualified are those who meet the education and experience requirements.

How do you determine what the educational requirements are for a career? Once you have chosen the career you want to pursue, visit job search engines and search for posted vacancies in that field. Read the education section of the job requirements. That is how you learn what kinds of certifications or degrees will help you appear highly qualified to employers.

Starting Your Own Business Also Requires the Proper Education and Experience

Why do you need to appear highly qualified to an employer if you are going to be an entrepreneur? While the word entrepreneur implies that you are your own boss, you still have to compete for clients and their business.

Depending on your specific area of expertise, you might be required to submit a resume. That is when it becomes critical for you to have the correct combination of education and experience because your background will be compared to your competition and used to determine if you will get the client’s business.

The final key to being a highly qualified entrepreneur is preparation. Being thoroughly prepared is how you will really beat out the competition. Always remember, there are people who might be more talented than you, but no one should be able to surpass your preparation.

About the Author

Shun McGhee is a Career Coach at American Public University System, where he has been employed for nine years. He attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. Shun is passionate about helping students reach their career goals and enjoys the opportunity career coaching affords him to help students make life-altering decisions.