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Benefits of Attending a Virtual Career Fair


Vlog with Ann Eastham, GCDF
Manager, Events and Technology, APUS

Attending a traditional career fair can be challenging. You have to factor in commute time and parking at the venue. Often, you wait in a long line to give your elevator speech and hand your resume to a company recruiter.

But there’s an easier, more convenient way to attend a career fair. Through our Virtual Career Fairs (VCFs) for students and alumni, you can search for open positions from your home or office and submit your resume to recruiters electronically. You’ll also have the opportunity to network and chat directly with local or out-of-state recruiters to find out more information about jobs that interest you.

In this vlog, Ann Eastham provides more detail about how a Virtual Career Fair works and how Career Services can help you prepare for it.

About the Author

Ann Eastham started her education at the University of Findlay and completed an associate degree in equestrian studies in 2005. After working for a few years in a wide variety of farm/ranch jobs, she completed her bachelor’s in health care administration at Ashford University. Ann served as a clinical technician in an ICU/Telemetry unit before working as a Clinical Research Coordinator for Cardiac, Vascular, and Thoracic surgery.

In 2011, Ann transitioned from working in the healthcare field into higher education and started as an Academic Advisor. While working as an advisor, Ann developed a passion for assisting students in converting their education into careers and became a career coach in 2014. Ann currently works with students in the health, nursing, intelligence/national security, and military industries.