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Creating Your Workplace Identity

Creating Your Workplace Identity


By Rowe Leathers, GCDF
Contributor, Career Services

The workplace dynamics is made up of a variety of individual personalities, priorities and agendas. How you meld your own goals into the dynamics of your workplace will shape and define your office personality. Crafting a workplace identity should be a strategy and not just an outcome.

As a new hire, you come into the workplace like a blank canvas. The first few weeks will be your opportunity to define your identity and allow your new colleagues to see you develop in your new role. Defining your role does not necessarily mean staying within the confines of your job description. Consider the dynamics of the team and determine if you will be a team player or a team leader. As you learn about the other workplace identities of your team members, take consideration of how you can incorporate your role into the existing structure. Laying out the foundation for your office identity during the early stages may be as simple as filling your new role and doing your job well.

For those already in a job and are seeking to shift their workplace identity, there are steps you can take to alter the way your office mates perceive you. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to support the mission of your organization. Be the go-to person for unique opportunities that add value to the team as a whole. Get on your management’s radar and show them that you are a valuable member. Edify your team’s mission to gain recognition from upper management. Remember, helping to put your team in the spotlight is the first step to getting yourself noticed.

Being a team player will say volumes about your workplace identity. However, always keep your own career goals in mind and seek out opportunities to branch out into areas in which you can expand your skillsets. Volunteer for projects that will shift your direction toward something that interests you. Develop new skills that will add value to you as a professional.  As a reminder, being a team player is great, but never forget that Team You should always be your first priority.

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