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Why Getting Published Is Important for Career Advancement

Why Getting Published Is Important for Career Advancement


By Dr. Robert Gordon
Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management at American Public University

We have all heard the old adage that more advertising results in more sales. It makes good sense to advertise your accomplishments to have people to notice you as an expert.

Consider getting published as a means of self-advertising. Having your work published online – in a magazine article or a blog post, for example – makes a difference because it shows that the content is significant enough for others to learn from it. Publishing a scholarly article or contributing a chapter to a book is an even better form of publishing and can make a difference to your professional reputation.

Published work shows that you are not only moving forward with your skills, but it is also a way to educate others in your field. There are many places to publish, but one place that always has academic calls for papers, chapters and other academic material is IGI Global.

Use Social Media as an Advertising Channel

Consider how fast information gets passed along on social media. We all pass along interesting stories or announcements to our network via social media. When you pass along a personal publication such as individual research, it is more likely to be accepted by your network and distributed to additional networks because a social media user feels a connection to you.

Having your written material travel to other networks grows your personal brand and expands your credibility in your field. The better known you are in a particular field, the more likely it is that people will come to you as an expert to be consulted in the future.

Publishing Builds Your Reputation to Organizations

In my personal experience, my publishing has led to interviews and job offers. Readers of my publications felt that my work showed the kind of experience, expertise and knowledge that would help their organizations.

Organizations want to recruit great talent. What better way to know if a person has talent than to read about what they have done?

Publishing Keeps Your Network Up to Date with Your Accomplishments

Publishing also helps to keep people in touch with what you currently do. Old friends reached out to me when they ran across something that I wrote.

I may not have a million followers on Twitter, but being known in my field makes a difference. Being respected in a field certainly helps move your career forward.

Publishing Makes You a More Effective Job Candidate

Also, putting different publishing credits on your CV or resume sets you apart from other candidates in your career field. For example, consider the difference between these two candidates:

  • Candidate 1 has a degree in project management.
  • Candidate 2 has the same degree. Candidate 2 has also been published and has done project management speaking engagements.

Which expert would you consult if you had a significant problem in that field? Which person would be more likely to be hired?

When you invest more time in your personal brand and reputation, you may experience more career-related opportunities. By being a great candidate who has built up a solid reputation in a career field, your chances of being hired will improve.

About the Author

Dr. Robert Gordon has 25 years of professional experience in supply chain and human resources. Robert has earned a Doctorate of Management and Organizational Leadership, an MBA and a B.A. in History. He has authored over 100 published articles, including five books covering a variety of business topics.



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