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Staying Relevant in the Workplace

Staying Relevant in the Workplace


Standing Out in the CrowdBy Rowe Leathers
Contributor, Career Services

According to English Naturalist, Charles Darwin, the ability to adapt to our environment is the key to survival. I suppose the same can be said about the importance of being able to adapt to our workplace. Even when change is not obvious, wheels are turning. While we do not always recognize evolution as it happens, change is all around us, especially at work.

If you are like many who deny change, it is difficult to accept that change has already affected you. Simply ask yourself, “Has my job evolved from the description for which I was hired?” For many of us, the answer is yes.

Whether your organization is growing or downsizing, it is evolving; and if you are going to survive the changes, you must adapt. When change directly affects you it is easier to recognize how to react; when it is less transparent, it can blind side you. Rather than wait for changes to hit you, become an active participant in directing how they will affect you. One way to stay on the forefront of your job role is to stay relevant. Take steps to ensure your employer sees you as a valued employee.

Stay abreast of all announcements. Keep up with your organization’s initiatives and find out how the company mission affects you and your department. Seek out ways you can actively participate toward the organization’s success. Strengthen your hold as an employee by keeping up with industry trends, earning preferred certifications in your field, and gaining new knowledge in your industry. Look within your own organization for areas in which you can contribute, as well as a path toward career advancement. While your current role may be fulfilling now, look toward the future for other possibilities. As a valued employee, your employer may find that you fill more than just your regular job role and instead place you in a position where they deem you are a valuable asset.