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5 Signs Your Online Employer Is Taking Advantage of You


Give Your Eyes Some TLC and a BreakBy Anica Oaks
Contributor, Online Career Tips

When you work remotely, your relationship with your boss or manager is different. You don’t run into your supervisor at the drinking fountain or make small talk together in the break room. You probably communicate mainly via email, and you trust that your boss will inform you when company policy or your responsibilities change.

But one of the risks of online employment is that your boss will take advantage of your long-distance relationship to keep more profits in the company. If you notice any of the following warning signs, you know your boss’s treatment is unfair.

1. Lack of Communication

Without constant communication from your supervisor, you can’t perform your work in a timely manner. If your boss doesn’t tell you the ins and outs of happenings at the office, you can’t contribute to the team or make sure you comply with company guidelines.

When you notice that your boss doesn’t keep you in the loop, speak up. His or her silence shouldn’t reflect on your ability to do your work and you should expect prompt feedback on all of your projects.

2. Unfair Salary or Wages

When you work online, your boss may think that you deserve to be underpaid because you don’t have a physical presence in the office. But with the advent of Internet technology and outsourcing jobs, many workers now earn an income online.

Don’t let your boss bully you into a salary less than you deserve. Have the confidence to demand earnings that equal your performance and work experience. If your boss won’t talk to you about a raise, contact HR or compare rates from other companies.

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3. Special Projects or Favors

Online work often comes undefined. You could work on a variety of tasks every day rather than doing a single task over and over again.

But if your boss starts mixing business with personal favors, like paying for lunch or picking up laundry, you know he or she is taking advantage of you. Cite the terms of your employment contract with your boss and remind management that they pay you to do certain tasks—not to be a personal slave. The Ottinger firm in San Francisco is an example of a law firm that can assist you with identifying illegal practices and finding a legal resolution.

4. Not Receiving the Credit You Deserve

When you work on projects outside the office, you might not always see the finished product. If your supervisor takes credit for your ideas or suggestions, he or she doesn’t respect your intellectual property and you don’t receive the compensation you deserve.

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5. Overwork

You know your boss is taking advantage of you when he or she insists that you work ridiculously long hours. If you feel exhausted every weekend because of the amount of time and energy you put into your work, and still your boss remains unsympathetic, you need to find a way to confront your manager without worrying about your job stability.

If any of these signs apply to your job situation, talk to a lawyer. You may qualify to take your employer to small claims court and find the compensation you deserve.



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