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Is Taking a Second Job Worth it?

Is Taking a Second Job Worth it?


clockBy Adrienne Erin
Online Career Tips Contributor

Taking on a second job – also known as moonlighting – might seem like a nice idea, but what does it get you? Personal satisfaction, financial security and the ability to pursue other interests rank highly on the list of possible answers. But I think we can all agree that it’s sometimes a necessity.
What the Research Says
According to a recent study from the Freelancers Union, there are 53 million Americans choosing to farm out their services – and this number is rising exponentially.

Bills have a way of piling up, and the one thing people seem comfortable doing is giving up their time to make ends meet. Moonlighting presents are number of challenges, as well as a few solutions to many of today’s problems.

Pros of Moonlighting

This may seem like a strange first choice considering I just mentioned you’d be giving up your time, but you’re effectively keeping more options open by taking that second job. In addition, not being tied down to a single company can have many psychological benefits if you can find some level of fulfilment in whatever else you choose to do.

Additional Experience
Besides looking good on a résumé, moonlighting can facilitate a career transition, allowing you to pursue your passion. Taking the road less traveled helps you gain a unique perspective on life, and you can use that to your advantage.

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 Monetary Rewards
This one is fairly self-explanatory, but think about whether or not this consideration will be a primary motivating factor affecting your overall decision-making process.

Added Job Security
If you’re already working on a contractual basis and aren’t secure in what you do, moonlighting can provide a much-needed layer of protection should things take a turn for the worse.

Cons of Moonlighting

Conflict of Interest
Sometimes you’ll be pulled in opposite directions. If you complicate your work schedule to satisfy your employers, your efforts may lead to physical and/or mental exhaustion.

Employer Dissatisfaction
When you make the decision to moonlight, make your supervisors aware that you’re working for two different companies to avoid creating undue tension in your working relationships.

Less Time
This point is only considered a con if you’re not striking a proper balance between your responsibilities. If your time management skills are top notch, you might find this less of a concern.

Taking a second job is your chance to explore new and exciting job opportunities, and it’s also a new way of living. If it sounds right for you, weigh your options and take the plunge if the time is right.



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