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How to Tell if You Aced Your Interview

How to Tell if You Aced Your Interview


tips-for-acing-interviewBy Adrienne Erin
Contributor, Online Career Tips

You’ve got the perfect suit, a firm handshake, a strong resume and excellent references. You feel fully prepared to tackle any interview question tossed your way, and you have researched the company and are enthusiastic about the job you’re interviewing for. You’ve covered all the bases and feel confident that you are set to show them why you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Great job!

Of course, most people want to know right away if the interview went as well as they thought. Although there’s no definite way to tell for sure, there are several signs that things bode well for your future at that company, even before you walk out the door. Here’s what to look for.

Body Language

Observe your interviewer as they listen to your responses. Are they smiling and nodding? Is she leaning forward in her seat? Do they seem engaged in what you’re saying? These are all good signs. You’ll also want to note if the interviewer is mirroring your own body language; that means she feels at ease with you. In fact, you can also subtly mirror the interviewer’s body language to up the odds of success.

Conversational Tone

It’s a good sign if the flow of your interview dialogue runs smoothly. Rather than monotone questions or disengaged responses, the interviewer should exude warmth and easy banter. If the conversation comes easily, jokes are exchanged and the interviewer seems comfortable and happy with you, consider those good signs. Also, if time is taken to answer all your questions in-depth and with a lot of detail when only a little would do, it shows a willingness to invest time in you because you’re a very strong candidate.

Availability and Timeline

It’s a good sign if the interviewer asks about your availability, because it means he feels the interview went well and is eager for you to start. Be honest in your response; generally within two to three weeks is a good timeline. It’s also good if he tells you you’ll hear back in a specific period of time, such as two days. A vague or open-ended response may not bode well for you.

Long and Strong

If your interview runs over the allotted time, most likely you and the interviewer hit it off nicely and developed a good rapport, whether you were discussing car shows at your automotive interview or the latest market updates during your interview at an investment firm. Also, the interviewer probably took a lot of time to answer all your questions. It shows that the interviewer enjoyed your company and was more interested in learning more about you and explaining the ins and outs of the job than in watching the clock.

Meet and Greet

If the interviewer takes you on an office tour afterwards and introduces you to possible future coworkers that’s a great sign. Be courteous and professional in all your interactions; you want to show that you interact well with others and would be a good asset to the team. This could mean that you are a lock for the job or at least are one of the top candidates.

Consider it good news if you experienced several of these things during your job interview. Now try to relax and look forward to that good news phone call.