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The Art of Career Fair Follow Up


By Courtney Bousquetmarketing-influencer-network
Contributor, Career Services

You’ve dressed to impress, schmoozed with recruiters, and acquired some great leads after attending a career fair, now what? The answer is simple: follow up, follow up, follow up! Your work doesn’t stop just because the event has ended; in fact it’s just beginning. Follow these three simple tips to make the most of your career fair connections.

  1. Review your notes. Review any notes you took during the fair, and be sure to include any pertinent details and memorable conversations you had with recruiters. Mark off positions you’ve already applied to, and follow up with the recruiter to let them know you enjoyed meeting them and that applied for the positions you discussed. Next, make a list of positions you still need to apply for, and then work on customizing application materials so you can apply.
  2. Follow directions. Many recruiters will direct you to apply for positions on their website. They are not just saying that to move you along! Many companies require any person, regardless of how exceptional or not they are, to apply through the career portion of their web site. Ensure you do this in a timely manner so recruiters remember you and your conversations.
  3. Send a follow up email. Sending a follow up email helps build rapport with the companies you are targeting. Let them know you appreciated their time and include any piece of information you noted (see step 1) from your conversation to jog their memory. Let the recruiter know that you applied through their website and be sure to include information regarding the position(s) for which you applied.

Remember to remain professional at all times. You will want to write in a professional tone and be sure not to abuse the recruiters contact information by sharing it with others and sending countless messages. Following up with recruiters is essential to bridging the connection you made at the career fair and potentially securing future employment. If you need help crafting your follow up message to a recruiter, contact careerservices@apus.edu for assistance – an AMU or APU career coach is standing by to help.