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Connect with Influencers Like Never Before Through Social Media


By Adrienne Erin
Online Career Tips, Contributor

Influencers, both locally and nationally, are the most elusive people to connect with due to their high social standings and busy schedules. So how can everyday people such as yourself get in touch with these high-powered individuals?

Social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn were voted the most efficient methods of connecting with influencers. Most CEOs and managers noted that they were more likely to reply back to personal messages and tweets than they were to look at resumes emailed to them. As social media is becoming a more popular outlet for communication, people are more able to connect through these channels rather than personal emails and letters.

Finding a Job through Facebook

Job searching can be one of the most difficult tasks to do – especially if you hold a personal degree that is more specialized toward one area of expertise. You require specific criteria to be met, including job descriptions, salary, job requirements, and travel accommodations.

Heading to the local newspaper through the “classified” section is no longer a viable option since many companies no longer take up ad space within it since the popular demand of the internet became a potent source of traffic. Therefore, many jobs are posted on websites setup exclusively for job seekers. However, finding a job on websites such as Monster and Craigslist is less than viable since they each employer gets hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of applications and resumes for the one position. Not to mention all the dangerous scams out there.

So how can you be seen in the crowd?

Using Facebook as a method of job hunting is more than viable. Purchasing and setting up a Facebook ad can yield you more results, even with a less-than-impressive resume and minimal experience. Posting a message in the ad saying, “I’m looking for a new job in [insert your area of interest]. Can you help?” is sufficient enough to get dozens of replies within several weeks’ time.

Connect Through Twitter to Score Big Accounts

Whether you are a PR specialist, financier for business loans, or lawyer, encountering and bringing on several big high-profiled accounts is a means for promotion and the possible “partner” position within your firm. So how do you score these big accounts if they are skeptical about choosing you or your company?


That is right; Twitter is your source for getting that ever so desirable partnership within your company’s firm. Since most high-powered people have their own Twitter and use it actively, it will be easy for you to get involved with them socially through these said networks.

Pursuing people through constant emailing, calling or texting can be bothersome and even pestering for your potential clients. It will exude desperation and could potentially lead them in another direction outside of your firm. Using a tactful solution such as Twitter can seem less pestering and makes socializing more agreeable on both sides.

Sending short tweets in reference to their posts on a regular basis will show an interest and engagement outside of just business. Clients that are considered “big accounts” are the type of people who want good faith in the company they choose and prefer being friendly with them. So ensure to engage in a friendly manner on aspects outside of business.

Build Partnerships through Professional and Personal Blogs

Owning a business is more than just selling your own products and services – it entails collaborating with other companies and people to gain access to a larger clientele. Sometimes direct communication such as phone and email is not a viable option and it means you must build up a personal connection through other avenues.

Personal and professional blogs yield maximum results since companies and individuals update them regularly. Commenting and showing interaction through these personal blogs will gain the attention of the professional and can make a potential business relationship. Just make sure your comments have depth and value.

All Social Media is Effective

Being creative with your means of communicating with influencers will be ideal to ensure you gain the attention you desire from them. It can be a daunting task to get attention from high-profiled individuals, but know you have the means to do so through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Always be sure to use sensibility when you are utilizing social media. Once you make an impression on a company through a social media outlet, it can last a lifetime. Just as you can easily make a good impression, you can equally make a bad impression, which can void any possible relationship with said influencer.