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Volunteer Background Checks: 4 Things to Avoid

Volunteer Background Checks: 4 Things to Avoid


performing-voluntary-background-checksBy Michael Klazema
Online Career Tips, Guest Contributor

Do you have volunteers at your organization? If so, are you performing background checks on them? If not, you definitely should be. You probably perform some type of background check on your employees, so why not do it for your volunteers? They are both working in your organization, they both have access to your company files and both are part of your business. Even though they may perform different functions, do you really want a criminal, someone inexperienced or someone with less than honorable intentions working for you? Probably not. This is why you should always be doing volunteer background checks. When doing volunteer background checks, make sure that you are working with a reputable company and make sure that you are avoiding these common pitfalls:

Choosing the Cheapest Option

One of the biggest mistakes that most companies make when performing background checks on their volunteers is looking for the cheapest option. Just like when you perform background checks on your employees, choosing the cheapest option is certainly not the best way to invest your company’s money. Cheap background checks are notorious for giving incorrect information, using outdated files and even checking the background of the wrong person, something that can happen when people have a common name. As with anything, it is important that you remember, you get what you pay for.

Not Performing a Full Check

Some companies, when searching the background of a volunteer, will only run a nationwide criminal background check and think it’s enough. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. A national background check will only give you part of the story. Though this should be a part of a full background, this is only one part of the bigger picture.

Using a Low Quality Background Check Company

Many companies who are performing background checks on their volunteers also fall into the trap of using a low quality background check company. Just because a company may be large and have a flashy name and website, certainly doesn’t mean that they offer a good service. When choosing a background check company for your volunteer background checks, make sure that you are researching, checking reviews and making sure that the company in question has a history of excellent service.

Not Asking the Right Questions

Finally, many companies get into trouble because they aren’t asking the right questions when choosing a background screening service. When choosing a service, make sure that they can prove their worth when it comes to quality, value, security, technology and of course, customer service.

In some cases, you will find that companies that offer background screening will take advantage of those seeking out volunteer background checks as they know organizations may be strapped for cash. They also know that companies who strictly hire volunteers typically do not know the ins and outs of the background screening industry. This means that you need to be much more vigilant in your search for a background check provider. There are some great companies out there but you should be aware that the market is flooded with those who may not always have your best interest in mind.

About the Author:

Michael Klazema has been developing online products and consulting various industries in the last 20 years. He has regularly spoken on and interviewed about online marketing topics and online customer experience. He lives in Dallas, TX with his family and enjoys the rich culinary histories of various old and new world countries.



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