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Bad Habit Slimdown, Week 25: Holiday Amnesia


holiday-work-tipsBy J. Mason
Online Career Tips Editor

Coming back to work after a holiday like July 4th is no easy task. With the time off of work, great food, and time with family and friends, it’s enough of a staycation to make you forget about projects due at work. This type of amnesia is pretty common with the big family holidays, but the setback can cost you more than just time. Having some type of plan before the holiday arrives will keep you focused for when your work hours are back in session.

First off, summer is the flip flop season for most of us. There’s a casual attitude attached to wardrobe and work. Tasks may slip during the summer months, and levels of ambition get redirected to vacation time. This type of laissez-faire attitude is great for your time spent on the beach or lounging on your deck, but your boss is still expecting 100% performance levels when you physically show up to work. Don’t allow yourself to be a hollow representation of your ambitious Spring attitude. Make an adjustment that works for times after the holidays.

When you start with a plan it doesn’t mean it will get followed exactly, it just means you have a direction in mind. Before you take time off or another holiday hits create a list with three important tasks or projects. Two of those items can be current or recurring items, and the final can be your “pie in the sky” idea that needs more cultivation. Write them on a sticky note or create a sticky note for your desktop background as a reminder. If you have weekly tasks that happens to fall on the day after the holiday then set up a reminder in your work email system. You can even create a meeting with yourself to get the task done.

The biggest issue with this bad habit is the excuses made for not getting work done. Knowing your friends are taking the day off is hard, but you chose to work the next day. Make better plans for next year if the day after is too distracting to get your work done. Find some time today to dive into that one dream project so you have something great to show your group next week. It’s not a total loss that you’ve working today, instead view it as a golden opportunity. Also remember, don’t post about your lack of motivation on your social networks…your boss may be watching!

How did you do on last week’s bad habit, having work debts? Get yourself out of owing people that you work with. If your services require more time than you’re able to give them politely decline, or find another time to help out.